Management and Human Relations (MHR) Faculty (Full-time)

JAMES E. AGEE, III, Associate Professor of Business, 2000

BBA, Eastern Nazarene College, 1994; PhD, University at Albany, 2000.

ANDREW M. BERRY, Assistant Professor of Information Technology, 2009

BS, Trevecca Nazarene University, 2005; MS, Trevecca Nazarene University, 2007.

T. ROBINSON BLANN, Professor of English, 1981

BA, Vanderbilt University, 1971; MA, Emory University, 1973; DA, Middle Tennessee State University, 1987.

JONATHAN B. BURCH, Associate Professor of Management and Leadership, 2000

BA, Trevecca Nazarene University, 1997; MBA, Trevecca Nazarene University, 1999; EdD, Trevecca Nazarene University, 2003.

KENNETH J. BURGER, Professor of Marketing and Management, 2003

BS, North Dakota State University, 1967; MBA, Kent State University; DBA, University of Kentucky, 1981.

PAM COSTA, Administration Manager, School of Graduate and Continuing Studies, 2002

BA, Trevecca Nazarene University, 1992; MA, Trevecca Nazarene University, 2008.

TIMOTHY W. EADES, Associate Provost for Graduate and Continuing Studies, 2014

BA, Trevecca Nazarene University, 1987; MMin, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, 2007; EdD, Olivet Nazarene University, 2011.

BRYCE E. FOX, Professor of Christian Education and Youth Ministry, 2002

BA, Olivet Nazarene University, 1986; MA, Asbury Theological Seminary, 1995; PhD, Indiana University, 2001.

JEFFREY D. FRAME, Professor of Drama and Communication, 1990

BA, Eastern Nazarene College, 1985; MA, Emerson College, 1988; PhD, Middle Tennessee State University, 2012.

HEIDI R. FREDERICK, Associate Vice President for Graduate and Continuing Studies, 2015

BM, Palm Beach Atlantic University, 2003; MBA, Palm Beach Atlantic University, 2006; PhD, Regent University, 2014.

DONNA-JEANNE GRAY, Associate Director of Academic Services for the Center for Leadership, Calling, and Service, 1988

BS, Trevecca Nazarene University, 1982; MA, Middle Tennessee State University, 1986; EdD, Trevecca Nazarene University, 2005.

GRAHAM HILLARD, Assistant Professor of English, 2007

BA, Union University, 2002; MFA, New York University, 2005.

TIMOTHY L. JACKSON, Assistant Director of Student Success, School of Graduate and Continuing Studies, 2010

BA, Trevecca Nazarene University, 2003; MS, Indiana Wesleyan University, 2006.

J. ALLEN JINNETTE, Associate Professor of Accounting, 2004

BBA, Middle Tennessee State University, 1992; MS, Middle Tennessee State University, 1993; MPA, Georgia State University, 2000; PhD, The University of Mississippi, 2010; CPA Tennessee.

DON E. KINTNER, Professor of Psychology, 1989

BS, Trevecca Nazarene University, 1975; MS, Tennessee State University, 1985; EdD, Tennessee State University, 1998.

MICHAEL J. LEIH, Chair, Department of Information Technology; Associate Professor of Information Technology, 2009

BA, Point Loma Nazarene College, 1988; MS, California State University at Fullerton, 1994; PhD, Claremont Graduate University, 2009.

MARCUS LACKEY, Assistant Director of Financial Services, School of Graduate and Continuing Studies, 2000

BA, Olivet Nazarene University, 2002; MBA Trevecca Nazarene University, 2011.

J. DOUGLAS LEPTER, Professor of Communication, 1992

BA, Eastern Nazarene College, 1972; MA, Eastern Nazarene College, 1973; ThM, Asbury Theological Seminary, 1990; PhD, University of Kentucky, 1996.

ROY PHILIP, Associate Professor of Marketing, 2005

BCom, Bishop Heber College, 1990; MBA, Bishop Heber College, 1994; DBA, Anderson University, 2009.

JULIE RIGSBY, Director of Enrollment Management, School of Graduate and Continuing Studies, 2001

BA, Trevecca Nazarene University, 1998; MEd, Trevecca Nazarene University, 2000.

PRISCILLA M. SPEER, Assistant Professor of Library and Information Science, 1978

BA, Trevecca Nazarene University, 1978; MLS, George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, 1979.

SAMUEL K. STUECKLE, Professor of Mathematics, 1996

BS, Northwest Nazarene University, 1980; PhD, Clemson University, 1985.

TY J. TABERNIK, Director of Health Information Technology Program and Associate Professor of Information Technology, 2006

BA, Trevecca Nazarene University, 2000; MS, Purdue University, 2002; MBA, Trevecca Nazarene University, 2005; PhD, Capella University, 2008.