Class Cancellation

A decision to cancel class due to inclement weather, faculty illness, or other reasons is made by the School of Graduate and Continuing Studies. Announcement of cancellation will be posted on the TNU website by 3:00 PM for evening classes. If class has not been cancelled by 3:00 PM, students should report to class at 6:00 PM for evening classes.

If conditions change after 6:00 PM, the class and faculty member jointly decide appropriate action. All cancelled classes must be made up during the remaining weeks of the course. Faculty members will schedule a make-up session through the School of Graduate and Continuing Studies.

Class cancellations at off-site locations are governed by the cancellation decision for evening classes of the host community college or host institution. Students at off-site locations should contact their site administrator for specific information.

Any variation from the class schedule outlined in the program calendar must receive prior approval from the Associate Provost for Graduate and Continuing Studies.