Sexual Harassment

Trevecca Nazarene University is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy learning and working environment for all students, staff, faculty and other members of the University's community, free of discrimination and all forms of sexual and gender harassment, which diminish the dignity or impede the academic freedom of any member of the University community. In accordance with Trevecca Nazarene University’s Wesleyan values, its role as an educational institution, and both federal and state law, the University condemns any form of sexual [or gender] harassment [or assault] and is committed to taking action to prevent and eliminate all forms of them, including coercive sexual behavior. Further, the University condemns any acts in violation of this policy involving any third parties, including visitors, guests and agents, representatives and employees of suppliers or contractors, and will take violations of this policy by such parties into consideration in the awarding of contracts and the future conduct of business.

Sexual and gender harassment are not only repugnant to the Trevecca community and a violation of this policy, but may be criminal offenses according to Tennessee or federal law. Members of the University's community who have been found in violation of statutes related to sexual harassment and/or assault may be subject to additional University disciplinary action. Trevecca’s full policy regarding sexual harassment, including procedures for filing a complaint, can be accessed in the Student Handbook found on the Intranet TNU4U page.