Christian Ministry BA Program (CMO)

General Information

Trevecca Nazarene University’s BA in Christian Ministry is a fully online program providing adult students the opportunity to complete a college degree in a schedule and format particularly designed to meet their unique needs.

The curriculum’s major emphasis is to prepare persons for various areas of Christian service by developing

  • a holistic mindset,
  • a missional vision,
  • servant-leadership skills, and
  • ministry competence.

Special attention is given to helping individuals adapt their study to their personal calling and how it fits into the world where ministry takes place. Faculty members are well-equipped and eager to help develop strong competencies for ministry success and for making positive contributions in their profession and to society.

Course content is focused on practical application to the everyday life and occupation of the student. The program assumes that adult students possess experience and skills which may earn academic credit.

Program Design

The format and schedule of the Christian Ministry Online program (CMO) are designed for working professionals or lifelong learners who may not have access to a local university or who desire to further their education via a Christian institution of higher education.

  • Thirty (30) semester hours are earned by completing the ten (10) 6-week courses in the major
  • The CMO program can be completed in approximately 20 months
  • Offered entirely online, the program can be completed by anyone living anywhere who has internet access
  • Online classes are designed as collaborative learning experiences where students are engaged in asynchronous dialog throughout the week
  • Working in online collaborative learning teams will provide learners the opportunity to utilize technology to test team building and communication skills, a dynamic that mirrors today’s real-world meetings, conferences, and project management
  • Knowledge and experience build from the beginning class to the last, capstone course.
  • An emphasis upon effective interpersonal communication permeates the approach.


Trevecca’s bachelor of arts degree in Christian Ministry prepares persons for Christian service by cultivating in them a holistic missional outlook and servant-leadership and ministry skills.

Student Learning Outcomes

All CMO graduates will be able to:

  • Construct a personal philosophy for ministry that is consistent with Scripture and recognized leadership principles.
  • Apply practical principles and strategies for effective ministry.
  • Value the need for theological reflection as an aspect of ministry.
  • Recognize pastoral care that effectively ministers to the body of Christ.
  • Construct culturally relevant worship as a celebration of faith.
  • Interpret the disciplines of the Christian faith for personal and ministerial growth.
  • Define the meaning and significance of biblical authority for theological reflection and Christian practice.
  • Identify and frame key elements of intellectual thought for ministry.

Additional Information

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Program of Study

Required Courses

CMN 3020Introduction to Christian Ministry


CMN 3000Biblical Literature and Interpretation


CMN 3010Introduction to Christian Theology


CMN 4250Personal and Spiritual Development


CMN 4600Worship


CMN 4650Christian Education


CMN 4560Compassionate Ministry


CMN 4510Shepherding the Congregation


CMN 4460Leadership in the Christian Organization


CMN 4900Christian Ministry Capstone


All regular classes are 3 hours credit, 6 weeks in length.

Salvation Army's Christian Ministry Program

CEU Requirements (for officers and cadets not in the degree-seeking program)

To receive 2 hours of CEU credit an officer must:

  1. Complete the preliminary pre-session reading,
  2. Submit the pre-session assignments,
  3. Attend all class sessions (Monday – Thursday),
  4. Complete an in-class evaluation which includes writing a summary stating how the course’s reading, lecture and discussion will impact their current ministry.

CEU assignments are not given point values (points are received only by degree-seeking students who receive a final grade for the course) but are marked “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory.”

Articulation Agreement

Trevecca Nazarene University (TNU) and Evangeline Booth College (EBC) agree that TNU will accept transfer credit for college-level courses taken at EBC, with the following provisions:

  1. TNU will accept up to 60 semester hours of transfer credit from graduates of either the associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree program from EBC, upon completion of three hours of coursework taken on the TNU campus while enrolled in The Salvation Army’s continuing education program. This action will be retroactive with EBC’s graduating class of 1998.
  2. Transfer credit received from EBC will only be applicable toward meeting the requirements of TNU’s Bachelor of Arts degree major in Christian Ministry. In addition to the up to 60 hours transferred from EBC and the 30 hours taken as a part of the core courses in the major completed at TNU, students will also need to complete 30 or more semester hours of electives toward meeting the degree requirement of 120 hours. These electives may be completed at either TNU or by approved transferred courses from a regionally-accredited institution.
  3. Coursework received by transfer from EBC will be placed on the TNU transcript by transferring individual courses. No credit will be transferred for classes in which a student received less than a “C-” grade.
  4. The 60 hours of credit transferred from EBC will include 24 of the 30 hours in general education coursework required for the B.A. in Christian Ministry: 9 hours in Social and Behavioral Sciences (Western Civilization, Social Services, and Today’s Culture and Salvation Army Ministry), 6 hours in Communications (Communications I, II, and III), 3 hours in Humanities/Fine Arts (Biblical Literature, Music), 3 hours in College Math (EBC’s Accounting Instruction Curriculum), and 6 hours in general electives. It will not include meeting the requirements for English Composition (3 hours) and an additional course in math or natural sciences (3 hours).
  5. Transcripted credit from any third-party institution accepted by EBC will be considered for acceptance by TNU only under transcript from that third-party institution.
  6. Prior to the acceptance of transfer credit, EBC will provide TNU with an official transcript of the student’s coursework at EBC with documentation of the completion of the student’s EBC degree program.