The Faculty and Human Resources Handbook can be invaluable to all employees. This book outlines the principles, policies and practices governing work and responsibilities of all employees within the Trevecca work community. Obviously, not all policies and procedures affecting employees can be covered within the pages of this book; however, there is a vast amount of material that will be helpful to all. Some of the contents of this book are policies of the Trevecca Nazarene University board of trustees, but a greater part of the contents reflect administrative procedures and regulations that have evolved over the years. For the sake of conciseness, the term "faculty" is often used throughout this document to refer to all professional salaried employees and the term "staff" is used to refer to all hourly paid employees of the university. Where needed, further clarification is made.

This handbook is a guide, not a contract. The administration and board reserve the right to change the handbook at any time. It was first distributed online in 1999 and has since been revised and updated on an annual basis. Copies of the full document may be accessed electronically on the campus intranet system (MyTNU).

The procedures for subsequent change in this document concerning faculty originates with the university provost, who will often implement recommendations from the board of trustees, the president's executive team and cabinet, faculty committees, and the various administrative units. Proposed changes are put in the hands of the executive team, president's cabinet, and appropriate councils and committees for possible counsel and input. Personnel are always notified of changes and dates of implementation. Such notification serves as an amendment to this document.

Take this book, refer to it often, and it can provide information that will facilitate communication between all levels and departments of the university. Improved communication will be helpful as the entire community works together cooperatively for the improvement of Trevecca Nazarene University.

The Administration

August 2011