M.A. in Religion Degree Requirements

To receive the Master of Arts degree in religion, a student must earn thirty-three semester hours of credit with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better on a four-point scale in total work attempted while he or she is registered in the program, including any work transferred into the program. No more than three (3) grades below a B will be counted toward the degree (but will be counted toward the GPA). No grade below C- will count toward the degree.

Course Hour Requirements

The requirements for completing the M.A. in Religion are:

REL 5025Method and Research in Religion


Specific courses in concentration area (Biblical and Theological Studies or Christian Ministry)




Thesis/Research Project


Total Credit Hours:33

Every degree candidate must complete all requirements within a seven-year period. Any student who exceeds the seven year period will be subject to dismissal from the program or additional course work to be determined by the director of the program. Any exceptions must be approved by the director of Graduate Religion Program and the student's committee.