Transfer from Non-Accredited Colleges

After one full-time semester of satisfactory work at Trevecca, a student may have credits earned at a non-accredited college reviewed for acceptance as a basis for academic standing. The procedure is to require a statement from three (3) accredited colleges that have previously accepted credits earned from the non-accredited college. Evaluation of courses will be made on an individual basis. No credit will be given for courses below C, and courses must parallel course offerings at Trevecca Nazarene University. Only hours earned (not grades or GPA) will transfer. All transfer credit issues pertaining to general education core, college-level learning, instructional quality, and course equivalency shall receive final resolution through a collaborative effort involving discipline-appropriate faculty and department chairperson(s), school dean or associate vice president for academic services.

Credit from non-regionally accredited proprietary schools will be validated for credit only by demonstration of competency through a departmental exam or nationally recognized testing agency (e.g., CLEP). CLEP tests will be used when available.