Admissions Consideration

The University invites applications from students who will contribute to, as well as benefit from, the Trevecca experience. An applicant to Trevecca Nazarene University is considered on an individual basis and evaluated on the student's total picture of academic preparation, potential, and personal records. Future students are encouraged to visit the campus to learn more about what Trevecca has to offer. High school students will be considered competitive for admission if they present a course of college-preparatory academic studies with above-average academic and cumulative grade point average. Transfer work should likewise be strongly related to the chosen field of study. Any college-level work is also expected to be at the above-average level. A strong correlation between high school grades and entrance examinations scores is expected. The resume of activities and recommendations are also strongly considered as positive indicators of success at Trevecca. Additional requirements such as portfolios or auditions are considered in conjunction with the academic credentials for those programs which require them. International students should also refer to the specific requirements outlined in this catalog.

The application for admission serves as the merit scholarship application; therefore, complete and detailed information including the resume of activities is important. High school seniors are encouraged to apply to Trevecca during the early fall months of the senior year. Transfer applicants should apply to Trevecca as soon as possible during the term preceding the term for which they are applying.