Department of Exercise and Sport Science (Education)

This program is designed to prepare a teacher candidate for a career as a physical education teacher in grades K-12. Field experiences include observation and participation in grades K-12 learning environments. Lesson planning and classroom management are included in courses and field experiences. A semester-long clinical practice (student teaching) experience is the culminating requirement of the physical education major.


To prepare teacher candidates who will demonstrate knowledge, understanding, skills, and attitudes of an effective physical education teacher.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Evaluate and implement procedures for health appraisal, physical education curriculum, and physical fitness intervention.
  2. Implement skills for the prevention, recognition, and management of injuries associated with physical activity.
  3. Interpret and evaluate functional human anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology as it relates to implementing activities, skills and techniques.
  4. Communicate and interpret the physiological effects of exercise and nutrition on the human body.
  5. Implement and critique current administrative responsibilities of an educator, including legal interpretations and liability concerns as they relate to the teaching of physical education.