Requirements for All Programs

The following requirements must be met by all students in the Associate of Arts or Science, Management and Human Relations, Business Administration-Management, Computer Information Technology, Health Information Technology, Health Care Administration, and Christian Ministry Programs:

  1. A student is to graduate under the terms of the academic catalog in effect at the time of his/her graduation or the one immediately preceding.
  2. Students lacking no more than 6 semester hours by April 15 may participate in the formal commencement in May of that year. For the granting of a diploma, a student must have a plan to complete all degree requirements by the August graduation. The meeting of all degree requirements will be entered on the student's transcript and diplomas issued in December, May, or August.
  3. March 15 is the deadline for submission of all prior learning documentation for which earned college credit may be used to qualify for participation in commencement. Evaluation of any work submitted after this deadline cannot be guaranteed.
  4. Each student must submit an educational plan which indicates how he or she will meet all graduation requirements. The form must be completed by December 31 for May and August graduates. December graduates will submit an educational plan by June 30.
  5. Application for graduation must be submitted according to the application deadline set forth by the university registrar.
  6. Payment of all tuition and fees.