Withdrawal from Programs

Students who drop out of a group due to an academic issue may continue in a later group with the approval of their academic advisor. The student must be in good standing and the group he/she selects must have space available. Any student withdrawing from a program for the second time must seek reinstatement through the Admissions Committee if a third or subsequent re-enrollment is desired. A fee of $100 is charged for changing groups. The $100 fee will officially hold a place in the group requested but is not applied towards tuition.

Any student withdrawing from an entire program will be governed by the above regulation for the grade in any module in progress and be given a grade of W for any subsequent modules for which registration has been completed. Any refund of tuition or fees will be governed by the Refund Policy which appears in the financial information section of this catalog.

Any student who wishes to withdraw must contact his/her academic advisor immediately to report that decision. Failure to do so will result in the student's earning Fs in the classes for which he/she is registered and not receiving reimbursement.