MHR 3025 Media Ethics

Explores the media's powerful influence on our society and what we can do to respond to and perhaps even reshape the media. Specifically, we look at the different ways that television, the movies, radio, magazines, newspapers, and the Internet each play a part in manipulating our news, advertising, entertainment, and the delivery of other kinds of information. Other issues such as censorship, invasion of privacy, truth in reporting, ethics in cyberspace (e.g. hate websites, online social networks, erotica, etc.), and illusion versus reality in the media are also discussed. We ask questions like, "What are some of the various public roles and responsibilities we have as consumers of the media?" "How do we train ourselves to view and to use responsibly (rather than abuse) the media?"" "What are the artistic, educational, moral, and spiritual values of the media which should matter to us most?"" "How do we better protect our children from the abuses and manipulations of the media?"" "Using our own moral values, how do we make sense of the media ('media literacy'), and how can we begin to bring change to media products from the position of a consumer?" This course will begin to prepare one to analyze critically the ethical challenges involved in the process of media production and consumption.