Computer Information Technology BS Program (CIT)


The Department of Information Technology provides education in information technology to prepare students for careers of excellence that glorify and honor God through stewardship, leadership, and service.

The Accelerated Information Technology (IT) Program Concept

To meet the needs of the working adult, Trevecca Nazarene University is pleased to offer accelerated IT programs. Trevecca's accelerated programs blend a combination of traditional classroom instruction, online learning, and project-based activities. These programs emphasize the use of distance technologies for content delivery and collaboration, minimizing the need for the student's physical presence at a particular location while still providing a rigorous and challenging learning experience for the student. Features of these programs include:

  • A blended learning methodology where students have both traditional classroom instruction as well as distance education.
  • Delivery of course content that is facilitated through e-learning technologies while class time is specifically geared toward hands-on work and solution development.
  • The assumption that adult students possess experience and skills that may earn academic credit.
  • An accelerated schedule so students can often complete the program in less than two years.

CIT Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the CIT program will be able to:

  1. Apply Bible-based Christian worldview decision-making to ethical issues in the information technology discipline.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to solve business problems using information technologies and critical thinking.
  3. Use design and modeling tools to design information technology solutions.
  4. Conduct systems analysis and create a plan for solving business problems using information technology.
  5. Understand the components and process of managing an IT project.
  6. Communicate business requirements and technical information.
  7. Demonstrate knowledge of current IT languages, databases, and technologies.

Academic Program

CIT General Description

The BS in computer information technology at Trevecca is designed to help adults who have at least 40 semester hours of credit and an interest in pursuing a career in the growing IT field to complete a bachelor’s degree in the IT discipline. The program can be of help to:

  • Those in another discipline who desire to make a career change into IT.
  • Those who may be in IT but now wish to complete a degree in that area.
  • Those in related areas who have some college credit earned but have never completed their degree.
  • Those who have completed an associate degree in IT and now wish to complete their bachelor’s degree.
  • Those who are unable, due to scheduling, to attend a standard undergraduate degree program.
  • Those who desire to complete a degree as part of their life goals but as of yet have not been able to.

The 20-month, 48-semester-hour program is an accelerated program requiring minimal on-campus time and the use of distance education technologies. The program is composed of two parts: coursework and the documentation of prior learning.

CIT Coursework

The BS in computer information technology is structured as an accelerated technical and business-based curriculum. Forty-eight semester hours are earned by completing the modular coursework in the major. The courses take place one night a week for 20 months. There are four semesters of four courses each. Each semester is 4 months in length. The students complete four courses together over the four-month period. The coursework is composed of three parts: in-class coursework, online coursework, and project time. The in-class coursework is completed by attending classes once per week for 20 months. The online and project components are completed outside of in-class instruction. In using distance education for these two parts students can be anywhere while completing the components. Students will be part of a cohort group who will attend all the courses together, forming an adult support group.

CIT Academic Minors

In addition to the 48 hours of coursework in the CIT major, students may also earn a minor in a specialized IT area or another area of interest. The degree earned is a BS in computer information technology with a minor in the selected discipline. Credits for a minor can be awarded through approved Trevecca coursework or by transferring approved coursework from a regionally accredited institution of higher education. An academic minor may be designated, following the student’s successful completion of the CIT major. The quality and credibility of coursework for an academic minor must be verified by a Trevecca faculty member. The application to receive a minor must be submitted to the student’s advisor no later than the end of the student’s first semester of the CIT Program.

Program of Study

Course sequence within each semester may change to better accommodate student or faculty schedules

Semester 1

CIT 2000IT Business Foundations


CIT 2200IT Project Management


CIT 2640Hardware and Operating Systems


CIT 2500IT Networking and Security


Semester 2

CIT 3800Graphic Design and Imaging


CIT 2800Web Design and Scripting I


CIT 2830Web Design and Scripting II


CIT 3540Web Programming with PHP/MySQL


Semester 3

CIT 2700Database Design and Programming I


CIT 3700Database Administration


CIT 3710Database Design and Programming II

CIT 4600IT and Biblical Ethics


Semester 4

CIT 3400Office Systems Programming


CIT 2100Business Programming I


CIT 2110Business Programming II


CIT 4890IT Capstone Project