University Services

Spiritual Life

Trevecca believes that the spiritual formation of students as disciples of Jesus Christ is central to our mission. The general education core curriculum consists of three specific courses in religion which seek to enhance the student’s understanding of the Bible, the Christian faith, and the Christian life and service. Classes of all disciplines are regularly opened with prayer.

Chapel is an integral part of the spiritual life on our campus. The Trevecca community gathers each week for times of prayer, worship through song, preaching, the reading of scripture, the proclamation of the gospel and sharing in the sacraments (see Chapel brochure for specific dates). In both the fall and spring semesters, a week is set aside in which spiritual deepening is the primary focus. Attendance requirements for these worship opportunities are outlined in the Student Handbook. Many of the residence halls have a prayer chapel for private meditation and small group prayer meetings. Discipleship and accountability groups for both residential and non-residential students are offered and students are encouraged to participate. For spiritual counseling, the members of the Office of the Chaplain maintain regular office hours.

Through student government, Campus Ministries coordinates student-led spiritual life activities on campus and offers opportunities for involvement in ministry through the planning of student chapels, as well as numerous outreach opportunities in various areas of service throughout Middle Tennessee and the southeast region. In addition, opportunities for ministry through TAG (Trevecca Around the Globe) Teams minister both domestically and abroad during fall and spring breaks as well as the summer months. Summer long ministry opportunities are available through the IMMERSE program.

All students are strongly encouraged to become actively involved in a local church while they are enrolled at Trevecca.

Academic Advising

Students are assigned to academic advisors according to their choice field of study. Advisors are assigned according to the policies of the school or department which houses the student's chosen major and may be changed by contacting the appropriate school or department office and the Office of Academic Records.

Food Services

The cafeteria is located in the Jernigan Student Center and is catered by Pioneer College Caterers, Inc. The food service director and his staff work to provide wholesome menus. A food committee meets with the food service director periodically to discuss ways and means of improving the food services. All resident students are required to participate in the meal plan which offers unlimited access to the cafeteria and continuous food service during the hours of operation. The cafeteria is open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday through Friday. Weekend hours are specified in the Student Handbook. Students can enter the cafeteria anytime during the hours of operation for meals or snacks. Students must present their student ID each time they enter the cafeteria.

The Hub, a snack shop/food court, is located on the lower level of the Jernigan Student Center and provides students with a wide selection of foods and snacks. Hand rolled burritos, "grab and go sandwiches and salads", cookies and muffins, plus a full line of grilled to order items are among the choices available. The drink selection includes bottled juices and soft drinks. Hours of operation are specified in the Student Handbook.

The Cube is located in the Boone Business Building. The menu includes subs, wraps, and panini style sandwiches. Beverages include a variety of Coke products. Hours of operation are specified in the Student Handbook.

NINETEEN|01 offers two locations on campus: one in the Bud Robinson building and one in Waggoner Library. The Bud Robinson location offers a variety of frappes, all natural smoothies, teas, protein shakes, baked goods from local bakeries, and Grab-N-Go meals during lunch hours. The Waggoner Library location specializes in artisan-style specialty coffees and teas.


All non-married students under the age of 23 at the time of registration who are enrolled for six or more hours per semester and do not live at home are required to live in University residence halls and participate in the meal plan. Any exceptions are granted by special permission by the associate provost and dean of student development and the Student Life Council.

The associate dean of student development for residential life exercises general supervision over all of the residence halls. In addition, there are resident directors and resident assistants in each residence hall. Residence hall councils are organized to assist in providing a pleasant atmosphere in the residence halls. Residence hall policies are stated in the Student Handbook.

Trevecca offers a limited number of apartments for rent on campus for married students, single students who are 23 years of age or older, and other personnel. The majority are one- and two-bedroom unfurnished apartments in the University Terrace Apartments. The apartment coordinator in the financial services office can give more specific details regarding the amount of rent, availability, and regulations.

Health Services

The Clinic, located on the ground floor of Georgia Hall, provides the services of a health professional during regularly scheduled hours Monday through Friday. For medical assistance, students should contact the clinic during office hours and resident directors at other times. Students may bring to the clinic any injectable medications prescribed by private physicians with instructions for administration. Clinic services are available to undergraduate students, their families (children and spouses), faculty and staff. Payment is expected at the time of service. The clinic will assist in securing referrals with private physicians for the University community.

Campus Security and Emergency Alert Systems

The Trevecca Security Department operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All students are permitted to bring cars to campus. However, all cars must be registered with campus security and are subject to traffic control regulations of the University and Metro Nashville. Any student who desires to be accompanied to his/her vehicle at any time may call the Office of Campus Security at 615.642.3523. Students should report any disturbances and or suspicious activity to the Office of Campus Security.

  • The University is very serious about protecting the lives and property of all our students and employees. We have invested in two (2) separate Emergency systems. The TNU Emergency Alert System will be used by the University to send emergency messages via telephone (voice & text) and e-mail to students and employees. It will not be used for any other purpose, such as general notifications, SPAM, advertising, etc. In order to receive these emergency messages, you must first register your contact information. Go to, provide the necessary information and click submit. Please take advantage of this potentially life-saving service and register immediately!
  • The TNU Emergency Siren System consists of externally mounted sirens at two locations on campus which are programmed to deliver audible messages followed by specific siren tones in case of an emergency. Please visit for more information.

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) is located on the lower level of the Adams Administration Building. ITS provides all computer, printer, network, and telecommunications support for our campus community. Some services provided by the ITS department are as follows:

Network Account Citrix

TNU4U (portal)

Computer Labs

Email (Office 365)

Self-Service Access

Blackboard (online learning)

Wired & Wireless

Computer purchases


Campus Security/Emergency Alert

The Acceptable Use Policies are located at By using the technology provided by Trevecca Nazarene University, you agree to abide by the Acceptable Use Policies. Please read the Acceptable Use Policies in their entirety to ensure that you understand all the terms and conditions contained therein:

  • Network Acceptable Use Policy
  • E-Mail Acceptable Use Policy
  • Intranet Acceptable Use Policy
  • Internet Acceptable Use Policy
  • Wireless Acceptable Use Policy

Any violation of these or other University policies may result in disciplinary action, including the termination of your network, e-mail, and/or internet access.

For more information about the services provided by the ITS Department, visit and click the Student Technology Info link or any other link that may be more specific to your interest.

For 24-hour assistance, please contact the ITS HelpDesk: or 615-248-1223.

Mail Room

The mail room is located on the first floor of the Jernigan Student Center. All residential traditional undergraduate students are assigned a mail box in the mail room area upon registration. Each student is responsible for securing his or her mailbox combination from the mail room office. The mail room window is open from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Students receiving certified or registered mail and/or packages will be notified by a form placed in their mailbox. Certified or registered mail and/or packages can be picked up at the mail room office with this notification form and valid ID (driver's license or Trevecca student ID). Please do not mail cash to students.

Students should have all mail sent to them at their student address listed as follows:

Name ______________________________

Trevecca Nazarene University, TNU Box _____

333 Murfreesboro Road

Nashville, TN 37210-2877


Waggoner Library provides access to the latest research, including print books and journals along with a wide range of online content available on the library web site ( Online users will find searchable databases with access to journals, books, and videos. Additionally, Research Guides provide assistance by major, access to research tools, and information about the library.

Located near the center of campus and open seven days a week, the library is a great place to study. Group study rooms, mediascapes, and a variety of seating areas provide a perfect place to collaborate on projects. In addition to print materials, the Library's in-house collections include DVD's, CD's and archival material. Computers, laptops, printers, and a coffee shop are available in Waggoner. Library personnel are available all hours the library is open to answer questions and assist with research.

Campus Store

The Trevecca Campus Store is located on the first floor of the Jernigan Student Center. The normal hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Friday 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. The store sells general school/office supplies, snacks, Trevecca logo clothing, greeting cards, some electronics, and health/beauty items. Purchases may be made by cash, check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover). School supplies may be purchased in the store via charges to a student account or any other acceptable method of payment.