Academic Grievance Policy for Classes in Process

  1. Students with grievances or problems with the way a particular course is conducted and how their grades are being assigned should submit their concerns in writing to the professor of the course within 10 days of receiving the grade report.
  2. If a satisfactory solution is not reached, the student should file a written appeal with his or her academic advisor to help solve the problem. The appeal to the academic advisor must be filed within 10 days of the professor's final decision concerning the student's appeal.
  3. The advisor then has 10 days to consult with appropriate parties, including the program administrator or director, and respond to the student.

Face to face discussions with professors and department chairs about concerns are appropriate, but grievances and outcomes need to be in writing to ensure that all decisions are made with a mutual understanding of the issues.

If a final grade for the course has already been submitted to the Office of Academic Records, the guidelines outlined in the Final Grade Appeal Policy and Procedures section of this catalog should be followed.