Academic Probation and Program Suspension

A student receiving a grade of F or D in any course will be placed on academic probation until the course work is repeated with at least a grade of C-.

Students who receive a D or F in any course may continue in the program but must repeat the course with another group.

A student who receives two Fs, two Ds, or a combination of the two grades will be suspended from the adult studies program or pre-program coursework (regardless if the two Fs, two Ds, or the combination of the two grades have been repeated). A student may apply to the Adult Studies Admissions Committee for readmission after three (3) months from the date of suspension. Any subsequent Fs or Ds will result in program suspension. Readmission is not guaranteed.

A student who is suspended from an adult studies program will be allowed to complete the course in which he/she is currently enrolled.