University Standards of Behavior

As a Christian liberal arts university, Trevecca Nazarene University encourages each student to fully develop his or her God-given abilities. Developing these abilities in a Christian environment allows for supportive relationships with others that encourage students to achieve these positive ends. A standard of behavior that is positive, considerate of the rights and privileges of others, and based upon other ethical concepts will lead to achieving the most that life has to offer.

It is expected that whenever class is in session, all attention is directed toward whoever is leading the class. Students who manifest behavior disruptive to the learning process will be dismissed from class. Future occurrences will result in program termination. This behavior includes non-professional conduct toward University personnel or students, violent conduct, harassment, or any type of threat to personal well being. A student who behaves in a manner that detracts from the mission of the University will be dismissed from the adult studies programs and prohibited from taking any adult studies classes.

Bringing children to class is prohibited regardless of the circumstances. Students who violate this policy will be asked to leave by their professor.