Computer Information Technology BS Program (CIT)


The bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Technology with a specialization or concentration in Web Development prepares students to implement innovative technical solutions for challenging business problems.

CIT Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the CIT program will be able to:

  • Define the role of each of the core pillars of the fundamentals of programming.
  • Demonstrate mastery of programming fundamentals including memory allocation, variables, loops, functions, objects, and conditional logic.
  • Analyze problems to diagnose and extrapolate a problem-solving strategy that leads to programming strategies.
  • Propose, develop, and execute a unique creative approach to solve challenging problems and differentiate between software development methodologies in order to implement the proper technical solution.
  • Develop process books that demonstrate not only the final work product but the steps taken from ideation to execution and develop portfolio artifacts for each course project that demonstrates an understanding of programming fundamentals.

Academic Program

CIT General Description

The BS in Computer Information Technology at Trevecca is designed to help students be prepared to be exceptional communicators, collaborators, and business partners through a hands-on curriculum. Students work on stimulating business projects in order to prepare them for work in the industry. They develop collaboration and leadership skills through their work in the design, project management, software development, and business domains. At the culmination of their studies students are immersed in a capstone experience where they complete the development of their portfolio to present to a panel of industry professionals. This experience will help them refine and finalize their portfolio for use in pursuing their career of choice.

The degree program consists of 120 credit hours and will result in a B.S. degree in Computer Information Technology with a specialization or concentration in Web Development.

Program of Study

Course sequence within each semester may change to better accommodate student or faculty schedules

Semester 1

CIT 2000IT Business Foundations


CIT 2640Hardware and Operating Systems


CIT 2500IT Networking and Security


CIT 2200IT Project Management


Semester 2

CIT 3800Graphic Design and Imaging


CIT 2800Web Design and Scripting I


CIT 2830Web Design and Scripting II


CIT 4600IT and Biblical Ethics


Semester 3

CIT 3540Web Programming with PHP/MySQL


CIT 2700Database Design and Programming I


CIT 3710Database Design and Programming II

CIT 3700Database Administration


Semester 4

CIT 2100Business Programming I


CIT 2110Business Programming II


CIT 3400Office Systems Programming


CIT 4890IT Capstone Project