Health Information Technology BS Program (HIT)


The Department of Information Technology provides education in information technology to prepare students for careers of excellence that glorify and honor God through stewardship, leadership, and service.

HIT Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the HIT program will be able to:

  1. Comprehend and apply governmental standards/regulations regarding health information technology.
  2. Display knowledge of quality improvement initiatives to ensure security of health information and patient privacy.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to implement information systems and provide administrative oversight of deployment within a healthcare setting.
  4. Analyze and interpret healthcare data through application of mathematical formulas and other statistical measures such as ratios, proportions, and rates.
  5. Define and differentiate between various clinical and technical terms.
  6. Evaluate and comprehend meaningful use of EHR and other health information systems.
  7. Apply factual concepts to real world situations.
  8. Demonstrate the ability to resolve problems through application of critical analysis, technical assessments, and faith-based values.
  9. Examine clinical vocabularies and classification systems.

Academic Program

Program Overview

The Health Information Technology (HIT) accelerated degree-completion program culminates in a Bachelor of Science degree when all criteria are met. The program focuses on essential components of health informatics. Students are exposed to various topics that include, but not limited to, medical terminology, ethics in IT, electronic medical records, healthcare and project management, data integrity and security, HIPAA security and privacy, and health information system implementations.

To align with demands of the industry, Trevecca's HIT program also offers students an opportunity to take online coding courses. This optional track is for students interested in seeking a coding certification along with a bachelor's degree in HIT. If interested in seeking a basic coding certification (certified professional coder (CPC) or certified coder associate (CCA)), please see your student success advisor to discuss additional training requirements.**

Each course in the HIT curriculum is designed to address specialized areas of study and prepare students to implement information technology solutions successfully within healthcare settings. To enhance students' learning experience, the HIT program offers simulations to promote use of hands-on applications that are found within the health IT profession. This accelerated bachelor's program also includes a practicum in which students acquire real-world experience in a health IT environment at a local company.

**As a prerequisite for taking the coding courses, the student must have taken anatomy and physiology, either at Trevecca or another regionally accredited academic institution.

HIT General Description

The BS in health information technology at Trevecca is designed to help adults who have at least 40 semester hours of credit and an interest in pursuing a career in the growing IT field to complete a bachelor’s degree in the IT discipline. The program can be of help to:

  • Those who desire to enter the growing health IT industry or seek promotion in the field but are having difficulty because of a lack of qualified education.
  • Those in another discipline who desire to make a career change into healthcare IT.
  • Those who may be in healthcare or IT but now wish to complete a degree in that area.
  • Those in related areas who have some college credit earned but have never completed their degree.
  • Those who have completed an associate’s degree in IT and now wish to complete their bachelor’s degree.
  • Those who are unable, due to scheduling, to attend a standard undergraduate degree program.
  • Those who desire to complete a degree as part of their life goals but as of yet have not been able to.

The 15-month, 40-semester-hour program is an accelerated program requiring minimal on-campus time and the use of distance education technologies. The program is composed of two parts: coursework and the documentation of prior learning.

HIT Coursework

The BS in health information technology is structured as an accelerated technical and business-based curriculum. Forty semester hours are earned by completing the modular coursework in the major. There are three semesters consisting of four courses each. Each course is scheduled for seven weeks. The first week is set aside for individual work in preparation for the first face-to-face class session. The seventh week is set aside for completion of the final project/assignment. The third semester includes a practicum. The students complete twelve courses during the three semesters by taking two courses at a time. The coursework is composed of three parts: in-class coursework, online coursework, and project time. The in-class coursework is completed by attending classes once per week for 15 months. The online and project components are completed outside of in-class instruction. In using distance education for these two parts, students can be anywhere while completing the components. Students will be part of a cohort group who will attend all the courses together, forming an adult support group.

Program of Study

Semester 1

HLT 2100Introduction to the Healthcare Industry


HIT 2200Clinical Classification Systems and Health Care Terminology


HIT 2500Health Ethics: Information Security and Privacy


HIT 3000Fundamentals of Health Workflow Process Analysis, Redesign, and Quality


Semester 2

HIT 3100Management of Coding Services


HIT 3300Introduction to Health Management Information Systems and Informatics


HIT 3400Working with Health IT Systems


HIT 3500Electronic Health Records


Semester 3

CIT 2200IT Project Management


HIT 3600Networking, Security, and Health Information Exchange


HIT 4000Installation and Maintenance of Health IT Systems


HIT 4300Vendor-Based Clinical and Health Systems


HIT 4900Professional Health IT Practicum