Removal from Financial Aid

A student, who fails to meet the standards of progress, as outlined under above, will be removed from federal financial aid.

Note: Removal from financial aid does not prevent a student from enrolling in Trevecca with his/her own finances if he/she is eligible to re-enroll.

Students removed from financial aid can appeal that decision to the SGCS SAP Appeals Committee. The appeal must be prepared in writing and be accompanied by appropriate supporting documents.

Reasons that may be acceptable for the appeal are:

  1. Serious illness or accident on the part of the student. An appeal of this type will normally require a supporting statement from the doctor.
  2. Death or serious illness in the immediate family.

Appeals must be received by the Director of Financial Aid for SGCS no later than 14 days following the receipt of the SAP Suspension notice. If the appeal is approved the student is required to complete one term on probation with a full-time load of coursework and maintain the minimum grade level GPA in the following term. Students are limited to a total of two appeals while enrolled at Trevecca.