The rationale for a strict attendance policy is best understood when viewed in the light of the unique program design. Class attendance is an important student obligation, and each student is responsible for all work conducted in class meetings. Many of Trevecca's graduate programs are accelerated, and a great deal of material is covered in a relatively short time. As a result, attendance and participation are crucial to the success of the learner in the course. It is essential and expected that learners attend all class sessions. Making up missed class time is nearly impossible; therefore, maintaining the integrity of the course dictates a strict attendance policy. Class attendance is an important student obligation, and each student is responsible for all work conducted in the class meetings. Please refer to the Academic Policies section for the detailed attendance policy.

Class Cancellation

A decision to cancel class due to inclement weather, faculty illness, or other reasons is made by the School of Graduate and Continuing Studies. Announcement of cancellation will be posted on the TNU website by 3:00 PM for evening classes. If class has not been cancelled by 3:00 PM, students should report to class at 6:00 PM for evening classes.

If conditions change after 6:00 PM, the class and faculty member jointly decide appropriate action.  

Any variation from the class schedule outlined in the program calendar must receive prior approval from the Dean of SGCS or the Associate Provost and Vice President for Graduate and Continuing Studies.

Inclement Weather Policy

A decision to postpone classes due to inclement weather will be made as early as seems appropriate and will be communicated to Nashville-area radio and television stations. Contact will also be made through the e-mail distribution lists maintained by the director of the graduate programs. The posted Saturday schedule may be interrupted in order to make up a postponed class. Students should maintain enough flexibility to accommodate calendar changes.

Emergency Alert System

Trevecca offers a free emergency alert system that will warn subscribers by phone or e-mail when the potential for a campus emergency exists. This service has the capability to send both voice and text to your cell phone. See the Campus Security and Emergency Alert Systems section of this catalog for details.