From the Associate Provost and Dean of Student Development

The Student Handbook has been prepared so that you can be informed about your University. It covers a wide range of campus activities, general University information, and specific guidelines for living in our campus community. Each part of this community plays a role in the formulation and enforcement of these guidelines. You are encouraged to read and become familiar with the Handbook.

The Community Living Guidelines define our expectations for living in a Christian community at Trevecca. At times, these guidelines may call for us to set aside our personal interests for what is best for the broader community. Guidelines are necessary for student life to provide the best environment possible to help you reach your full potential. In your local community, there are laws which govern behavior. These laws are in place to provide for the common good. Think how chaotic life would be if there were no traffic lights, stop signs, or "rules of the road" while driving your vehicle. The guidelines in this Handbook are your "rules of the road" while at Trevecca. They are not designed to hamper but rather to enhance your University experience.

We are pleased that you have chosen Trevecca Nazarene University. Be involved in the total life of this campus! Your participation will make a difference. I pray this school year will be a time of great growth and development for you!

Steve Harris