Withdrawals from Courses

A student withdrawing from a course will receive a grade of W in a class anytime from the last day to add a class up to the calendar-scheduled last day to withdraw with a W. After that published date, students who withdraw will receive a grade of F unless they appeal to the school dean who schedules the course, who may approve a W for extenuating circumstances. No student may withdraw during the week and a half before finals. If the student withdraws from any course without following the proper procedure with the Office of Academic Records and Office of Student Accounts, the grade in the course will be recorded as F. Students may not withdraw from required interdepartmental courses.

Withdrawals, especially if student status drops to part-time, may affect financial aid, athletic eligibility, veteran status, insurance benefits, and graduation plans. Students should consult appropriate advisors prior to processing withdrawals.

A student who finds it necessary to withdraw from all of his or her courses must secure the proper forms from the Office of Student Development and complete them to ensure accurate grades and financial arrangements. The Office of Student Development processes all withdrawals and the Office of Academic Records is responsible for recording the student’s last date of attendance.