Limitation of Student Load

The average load is 15 hours; the maximum is 18 hours. Students may not register for more than 18 hours unless their grade average for the preceding semester was a “B” and they have the approval of the school dean. Students who work should limit their academic loads according to the number of hours they work and their level of ability.

Second Major

In place of a minor, some students may have the option of completing a second major by completing all of the specific requirements which are unique to that major, including general education coursework, with the exception of a supporting minor. If the student chooses to meet requirements for a second major, that student must declare an approved degree major as defined below. The degree major will be listed as such on the official transcript and will be the degree included on the student’s diploma. The second major will be listed as “second major” on the student’s official transcript.

Second Degree

A second Bachelor’s degree may be obtained with a minimum of 30 hours of coursework which is in addition to the requirements for the first degree, including meeting all general education, major coursework, and minor coursework requirements for a second major. In no case will more than one degree be conferred upon a candidate on any one conferral date. Second degree candidates are eligible for graduating honor ranks, Honor Society and Dean’s List, but not for membership in Phi Delta Lambda.