Grade Processing Policies

Auditing Policy

Students may audit courses for an N (no credit) grade at a reduced fee. Although courses are usually audited only for no credit, they may be audited before or after they are taken for credit. Professors are not obligated to evaluate work, and students are not obligated to do assignments; however, assignments may be completed and evaluated by mutual consent. The registration status of courses may not be changed from audit to credit or from credit to audit after the initial drop/add period.

Grading Policy

Each regular course must have a minimum of two significant evaluative measures (preferably exams)—at least one by mid-term.

Change of Grade Policy

After a professor has assigned a grade in a course, changes may be made only for clerical error—never to allow a student to complete or do extra work. Changes must be approved by the associate vice president for academic services. Any student who wishes to contest his or her final grade for a course should follow the guidelines outlined in the Final Grade Appeal Policy and Procedures section of the Catalog.

Course Repeat Policy

Students may repeat courses if the second course is equivalent in content to the first. The repeat grade is the grade recorded as part of the GPA. The registrar makes decisions about course equivalencies concerning general education courses. Decisions about major and minor courses are made by the registrar in consultation with the school deans and program directors. A failed course may not be repeated by directed study.

Permanent Record Policy

Permanent Record Defined: The permanent record of the student is comprised of the transcript, program of study, disclosure forms, and other pertinent academic records.

Retention and Disposal of Permanent Records: The student transcripts are filed permanently in the Office of Academic Records.

Transcript Policies

Official Transcripts: The transcript of a student’s academic record will be released by the registrar only upon receipt of a student’s written request. No degrees will be awarded and no transcript of credit will be issued until all financial obligations to the University are discharged in full and a student’s academic file is complete in the Office of Academic Records.

Unofficial Transcripts: Currently enrolled students may obtain an unofficial student copy of their transcript from the Office of Academic Records and may view and copy an unofficial copy of their transcripts using their TNU4U web accounts.

Transcripts of Transfer Credit: A transcript of a student’s record from another university or college is not forwarded to a third institution. The student should request another transcript from the original institution.