High School Curriculum for Admission

Students graduating from high school must have a regular diploma or higher. High school certificates of attendance, special diplomas, or the like are not sufficient for admission. Students who have not earned the regular diploma or higher may be admitted on the basis of passing a GED or another approved alternative to a high school diploma (see section on Admission of Non-High School Graduates) and submitting ACT or SAT scores under the condition of the Admissions Policy for Freshmen listed below (ACT composite score of 18 or above; or SAT Critical Reading + Math of 860 or above if prior to March 2016 test date; or SAT total score of 940 or above beginning March 2016 test date).

Freshman admission requirements include graduation with at least 15 units of credit from an approved secondary school. It is recommended that for the best preparation for college, secondary school credits should include:


4 units

Foreign Language

2 units


2 units

Natural Science

1 unit

Social Science

2 units

This background provides a broad foundation for college studies.