Transfer from Other Colleges

Applicants from other institutions seeking admission to the University must present evidence of good standing from the institution last attended and official transcripts of all college work taken. The institution must be a college or university accredited by a Commission on Colleges of a regional accrediting association. Any applicant who has not received an honorable dismissal from the previous institution will not be considered for enrollment at Trevecca until a minimum of one semester of suspension has elapsed.

A grade of D on transfer work will be accepted with the following qualifications: (1) A transfer course in which a D has been earned will not be allowed to count toward a major or minor; (2) Applicants who transfer a D grade in a course equivalent to ENG 1020 English Composition will be subject to the requirement of repeating ENG 1020 unless they have also completed the equivalent of ENG 1080 Critical Reading, Writing, and Thinking; (3) Policy will apply only to work transferred from regionally accredited institutions of higher learning. Transfer students with grade point averages below minimum standards will be entered on probation. (Refer to the system of academic probation and suspension located in the Academic Policies section of the Catalog.)

Applicants should request that their official academic transcript(s) be mailed to the Office of Admissions. Transcripts must arrive prior to registration in ample time for an official evaluation of course credit to be completed. A credit evaluation of transfer credit is given to the student for advising purposes. The University is not responsible for accommodating duplicate course work that is discovered with the arrival of transcripts after the advising dates have passed.

Transfer students will meet all of the same general education curriculum requirements as other students, with the following exceptions under the Contexts Tier:

  • First-time students transferring between 30 and 59 approved semester credit hours are exempt from taking a philosophy course.
  • First-time students transferring between 60 and 89 approved semester credit hours are exempt from taking a philosophy course and REL 4000 Christian Life and Ministry.
  • First-time students transferring with 90 or more approved semester credit hours are exempt from taking a philosophy course, REL 4000 Christian Life and Ministry, and either REL 2000 Introduction to Biblical Faith or REL 3000 Christian Tradition.