Early Admission

The high-achieving and mature students whose school officials, parents, and others from whom the University may seek information believe they can benefit by entering college a year early may be admitted under the Early Admissions Program. To do so, these minimum requirements must be fulfilled:

  1. Completion of the junior year in high school with a grade point average of 3.50.
  2. Completion of at least 12 units of secondary credit, 7 of which must be college preparatory subjects (including English, 3 units; mathematics, natural science and social science).
  3. A minimum composite score of 27 on the ACT (or 1200 SAT Critical Reading + Math if prior to March 2016 test date; or 1270 SAT Total score beginning March 2016 test date).
  4. Provide favorable recommendations and/or approval from high school officials and others as may be designated by the Office of Admissions. If advisable, personal interviews may be requested. An applicant desiring high school graduation should ascertain from his or her high school officials whether or not college credits earned may also be applied toward requirements for a high school diploma.
  5. Completion of all regular admission requirements.