Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

To determine need, the University utilizes the FAFSA. All students (first time filers or returning students filing the renewal) seeking financial assistance are required to file the FAFSA online at designating Trevecca Nazarene University as one of the recipients. The following guidelines will be followed:

  1. The electronic ISIR (Institutional Student Information Record) which comes to the University as a result of the student’s completion of the new or renewal FAFSA should be received by July 31.
  2. An ISIR received by July 31 allows time for Trevecca to make an award, for the student to accept the award and complete any loan application(s), and for Trevecca to process the loan application(s).
  3. If the student has no ISIR, then he or she cannot register until the next semester unless he or she pays at least one-half of the tuition, fees, room, and meal costs for the semester. The remaining balance could be funded by financial aid that would be available once the student files the FAFSA.