Center for Social Justice

JAMES A. CASLER, Director of J. V. Morsch Center for Social Justice, Assistant Professor of Social Justice, 2009—

BA, Eastern Nazarene College, 1995; MDiv, Nazarene Theological Seminary, 1999; MSW, University of Kansas, 2005.

Center for Social Justice General Information

Mission Statement

The Center for Social Justice offers a Biblically based, interdisciplinary major leading to a Bachelor of Science in Social Justice. The Social Justice Major provides three areas of concentration: Non-profit and Congregational Leadership, Public Policy, and Environmental Justice. Students will develop critical analysis and solutions to social problems through insights from the fields of law, business, public policy, environmental science, religion, and social work. Through a rich combination of theory, theology, and intensive field experiences students gain knowledge and practical skills to prepare them for a variety of careers including leadership within congregations and social service nonprofits; research and policy analysis positions within local, state, and federal government agencies or advocacy, lobbying, or educational institutions; and staff positions within public agencies or corporations focused on environmental conservation and stewardship.

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates with a Social Justice Major will be able to:

  1. Understand Biblical Social Justice in the context of presenting social injustices.
  2. Develop a comprehensive action plan and creative solutions to address justice issues.
  3. Secure employment in a setting that addresses social justice issues.
  4. Be prepared for placement in a graduate program related to their field of interest.