School of Arts and Sciences


LENA HEGI WELCH, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

JEFFREY D. FRAME, Chair, Department of Communication Studies

JOOLY PHILIP, Chair, Department of English

BRENDA PATTERSON, Chair, Department of Exercise and Sport Science

FRED CAWTHORNE, Chair, Department of Science and Mathematics

AMANDA GRIEME BRADLEY, Chair, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

School of Arts and Sciences General Information

The School of Arts and Sciences is composed of five academic departments: the Department of Communication Studies, the Department of English, the Department of Exercise and Sport Science, the Department of Science and Mathematics, and the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Students who graduate from this school have both professional expertise and a liberal arts education.

A liberal arts education has its origins in the Medieval University and is a philosophy of education that empowers learners with broad knowledge and transferable skills and a stronger sense of values, ethics, and civic commitment. Usually global and diverse in scope, it includes a general education curriculum that provides broad exposure to multiple disciplines in addition to in-depth study in at least one academic area. General Education courses are offered through all five of the academic departments. Courses leading to academic majors in many fields are also offered through the School of Arts and Sciences.

The School of Arts and Sciences is concerned with the humane dimensions of academic study. Course work offered in the School emphasizes imparting general knowledge as well as professional, vocational, or technical expertise. The School seeks to engender a broader understanding of life and faith facilitated by liberal arts in the context of the Christian faith. While students are prepared for graduate study or a career through instruction, the school’s first concern is an educated person prepared for leadership and service.