Teacher Education Program (licensure)

The goal of Trevecca Nazarene University's Teacher Education Program is the preparation of quality classroom teachers. The program is based on the conceptual framework of Knowing, Doing, Being.

A collaborative partnership with the schools and community provides teacher candidates with real-life applications of academic, pedagogic, and developmental experiences.

Program Design

A. Candidates can earn licensure recommendation from the University at the undergraduate level through two different programs.

  1. A bachelor's degree program which includes clinical practice (student teaching); or
  2. A post-baccalaureate program for undergraduate credit offering initial licensure, add-on endorsement, or license renewal. Individuals seeking or holding a teaching permit or a transitional teaching license may complete course requirements through the post baccalaureate program.

B. Licensure Areas

The Teacher Education Program at Trevecca offers licensure in the following areas of study:

  • Biology Education (6-12) BIED
  • Business Education (6-12) BUED
  • Chemistry Education (6-12) CHED
  • English Education (6-12) ENED
  • History Education (6-12) HIED
    • Economics Education
    • Government Education
  • Interdisciplinary Studies Early Childhood Education (PreK-3) ECED
  • Interdisciplinary Studies Elementary Education (K-5) EED
  • Mathematics Education (6-12) MAED
  • Music Education (K-12) MUED
    • Instrumental/General Education
    • Vocal/General Education
  • Physical Education Education (K-12) PEED
    • Health Education
  • Physics Education (6-12) PHED
  • Special Education Modified (K-12)* SED
  • Special Education Interventionist (K-8) SED
  • Speech Communication Education (6-12) SCED
  • Theatre Education (K-12) THED

*Being discontinued. Not accepting applications.

The guidelines listed under all Education Programs do not constitute a contract between a Trevecca student and the University. The sole purpose is to provide regulations, course listings, and degree programs which are in effect at the time of publication. Because of recent or pending changes in state and/or national requirements, Trevecca reserves the right to add, modify, or withdraw courses at any time.

Admission to the Teacher Education Program

Admission to the University does not constitute admission to the Teacher Education Program. Application for admission to the program should be submitted within three semesters of declaring an education major or in the first semester of study for transfer and post baccalaureate candidates. All candidates must pass a background check during EDU 1020 course or upon starting any education courses. All transfer candidates must submit verification of acceptable ACT/SAT scores to the Office of the School of Education during the first semester at Trevecca. All post-baccalaureate candidates must submit verification of acceptable GPA.

Requirements for Admission to Teacher Education

  1. Submit a completed Application for Admission to Teacher Education
  2. Demonstrate competence (minimum grade of B- or S) in:
    1. English (ENG 1020, ENG 1080),
    2. Speech (COM 1010),
    3. Foundations of Education (EDU 1500), and
    4. Becoming a Teacher (EDU 1020).
  3. Complete Writing on Demand activity with a score of 5 or better, with no 0's. If the score requirement is not met, candidate will need to see Dr. Donna Gray at the Academic Services Center in the CLCS building and develop a plan to prepare candidate to retake the WOD.
  4. Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.
  5. Present passing scores on all three of the Core Academic Skills Tests as mandated by the State of Tennessee or an ACT Composite score of 22 or SAT combined verbal and mathematics score of 1120.
  6. Submit 3 recommendations from TNU professors.
  7. Pass Teacher Education Interview (score must reflect a score of 9 or better).
  8. Complete a background check before participating in any classroom observations/experiences.
  9. Exhibit responsible personal and professional behaviors which are evidenced by classroom teachers, such as accountability, commitment, initiative, good judgment, professional growth, and professionalism.
  10. Have proof of a minimum of $1 million professional liability insurance to be renewed annually.

Specific requirements and procedures are described in the Teacher Education Handbook.

Due Process

Candidates who have questions concerning action taken by the Teacher Education Committee have the right to appeal through the established due process procedure. An appeal must be in writing and follow the protocol listed below. If a decision is not acceptable to the candidate at any point, the appeal must be made in writing within 15 days to the next level. All appeals originate with the Director of Initial Licensure.

  • Director of Initial Licensure 
  • Dean of the School of Education
  • Directors' Council

The decision of the Directors' Council is final.

Admission to Clinical Practice (Student Teaching)

All teacher candidates in the initial licensure Teacher Education Program at Trevecca must complete a semester (75 days) of clinical practice (student teaching) which includes placements in two different school settings and at two different grades/grade levels. This culminating experience is conducted in schools under the guidance of a classroom teacher and a Trevecca faculty supervisor. Application and interviews for clinical practice (student teaching) are conducted in the Spring term prior to the academic school year in which the teacher candidate plans to participate in the clinical practice (student teaching).

To be admitted to the clinical practice (student teaching), the teacher candidate must make application to the Office of Teacher Education by December 15 of the year prior to the expected clinical practice (student teaching) semester. Once the teacher candidate's application is on file, an interview is scheduled with the Screening Committee. The Teacher Education Committee approves the candidate based on the screening committee's recommendation. Candidates will be notified in writing of their status for admission to clinical practice (student teaching) based on the following requirements. If there is evidence of weakness in any area which gives question to the candidate's ability to successfully complete the clinical practice experience, then the candidate will be rescreened after a period of additional study.

Requirements for Admission to Student Teaching

  1. Previous admission to the Teacher Education Program
  2. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better
  3. Complete Writing on Demand activity with a score of 5 or better with no zeroes
  4. All coursework must be completed before clinical practice (student teaching).
  5. A minimum GPA of 3.0
  6. No more than one C+ in the Major or Content area
  7. No grades below a B- in the Professional Core
  8. Completion and submission of an application form including a photograph
  9. Submission of acceptable scores on all the Praxis tests: Principles of Learning and Teaching and required specialty area tests as mandated by the state of Tennessee before the clinical experience (student teaching) semester (Fall Semester: June 1st deadline; Spring Semester: November 1st deadline). No Praxis Test scores sent to the candidate will be accepted; only official scores sent electronically to the university.
  10. Interview with screening committee
  11. Music Education majors must pass the Keyboard Proficiency Exam or complete Class Piano I-IV with an average of B- or higher
  12. PE Education majors must meet the conditioning criteria of the Department of Exercise and Sport Science

Once approval of the teacher candidate's application has been granted, the Coordinator of Field Placement or designee, in conjunction with school-based personnel, will arrange placements.

If difficulty which causes sufficient doubt as to satisfactory completion of the clinical practice (student teaching) arises during the clinical practice (student teaching) experience, an assessment interview will be called. Such an interview could lead to: 1) removal from clinical practice (student teaching); or 2) an additional clinical practice (student teaching) experience; or 3) a decision not to recommend the teacher candidate for licensure.

Program Completer Requirements

Candidates are considered program completers when the following criteria are met.

  • Completion of all coursework with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 overall, 3.0 major and professional core;
  • Completion of student teaching or Alternative Licensure requirements including seminar and required time as a teacher of record;
  • Completion of all required state assessments and scores sent to Trevecca; and
  • Completion of the final e-portfolio assessment and other exit requirements (program assessment, interview, etc.).

Licensure Requirements

In order to be recommended for licensure, candidates must complete all requirements to become a program completer and submit the required licensure paperwork.