Students who fail to complete all course requirements on a timely basis due to crisis circumstances may receive the grade of Incomplete (I) at the discretion of the course facilitator. A grade of "I" is given as a result of emergencies and not for unsatisfactory work or failure to submit work. Some reasons incompletes may be granted are hospitalizations, death in the immediate family, or required military service. Students may receive an "I" provided they have demonstrated effort toward meeting the course requirements. In order to receive a temporary grade of "I" and receive an extension of time to complete a course offered through Trevecca, a request for an incomplete must be made in writing as directed by the individual programs. All requests must be made before the last class session.

The "I" grade must be removed within 5 weeks of the end of the course or the grade will become a permanent "F." Students expecting to graduate must have all "I" grades removed prior to the conferral date.