CIT 2160 Foundations of Software Design and Development

Technology is all around us. It is deeply embedded and integrated into our daily lives. More than ever technology and design is the fabric of our culture, society, and core for modern business. Not only is technology a key enabler for strategic growth in today's digital economy, but it is also a foundational pillar in communication around the world. From social media to online commerce, software or programming is the core foundational tool that organizations use to run their businesses. More than ever businesses need creative problem solvers to help expand their reach through technology enablement. You will begin your journey here in this course to empower modern businesses to succeed in our digital economy. You will begin to learn the fundamental principles that are the underlying framework for technology. That is to say that programming software is the key element that drives the capabilities of simple to advanced systems. In this course you will be learning a creative approach to problem solving with code that is both scalable and timeless.