CIT 3010 Foundations of Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Virtualization of computing hardware, networks, and software has revolutionized the way that IT professionals architect and implement systems. Grounded in distributed systems and scalable software systems principles, virtualization reached critical mass in recent decades and provided a foundational component and catalyst for the globalization of the Internet and cloud computing. Virtualization has provided the technical means to support the exponential growth and business rationale for large data repositories, while cloud computing has been the result of its application in creating new business models. Infrastructure as a service, platforms as a service, and software as a service continue to provide foundational cloud-based computing resources for the 21st century global business. This course will introduce the student to the theoretical foundations of parallel and distributed systems that are applied in the technology of virtualization. These system architectures exist in the cloud as infrastructure, platform, and software services. The student will gain hands-on experience observing and implementing cloud-based services and evaluate their advantages, disadvantages, and common uses.