Academic Load

Academic load policies are specific to each program and are discussed in the program section of this catalog.

  • Students in the graduate programs in the Skinner School of Business and Technology are considered full-time and are not allowed to take concurrent course work from Trevecca or any other college or university while enrolled, except by special permission of the program director.
  • During the summer semester, it may be appropriate to register for up to 12 hours. Master’s programs for non-teaching professionals may vary in course load per semester. To receive financial aid, students must be enrolled for a minimum of three semester hours. Six hours is considered a full-time load during the academic calendar year.
  • In the Ed.D. program, the maximum class load that may be taken during the fall or spring semester will be four semester hours, plus dissertation project hours. Students will take two courses totaling seven or eight hours during the Intensified Summer Learning Experience.
  • In the Clinical Counseling doctoral program, students enroll for nine hours each semester until the third year of the program, which consists of three semesters of four hours each.
  • The Master of Organizational Leadership is a two-year program of 33 hours. Learners progress as a cohort one course at a time. Each course is 6 to 8 weeks.