EDD 8220 Dissertation Continuation

Students who have not successfully completed the dissertation at the end of the seventh semester of the Ed.D. program will be enrolled in a one-semester credit hour course to continue the completion of the dissertation. The student will be enrolled in this course each semester until the dissertation is completed successfully. Continuation of the completion of the dissertation allows students to proceed with the steps lacking to complete the requirements lacking for the dissertation to be complete including working with the designated dissertation team. All requirements for the dissertation must be completed within a six-year time frame. Students must submit an action plan delineating the processes and timeline to bring the dissertation to fruition prior to enrollment in dissertation continuation course.

Ed.D. students enrolled in this one-semester hour credit course will be considered to be part-time for enrollment purposes. This status will allow students to have continued access to University services (i.e., ITS & the library) as well as eligibility for financial aid.