Approved Degree Majors

A degree major at Trevecca Nazarene University is a prescribed coursework plan within a broader curricular area (e.g., Religious Studies Major in the curricular area of Religion and Philosophy). Majors offer students an opportunity to focus their learning on theories, skills, and applications relevant to their course of study and the broad curricular area from which the major is offered. The Undergraduate Curriculum Chart provides a list of majors and minors offered. Specific requirements and a recommended schedule for completing the requirements for a major are listed under each department in this Catalog.

A number of majors offer a Major Core—courses required by all students in the major—and further require a choice from a list of concentrations, professional minors, minors, or electives from courses offered in the major area. Some majors require support courses—an additional set of courses which provide necessary skills for the majors.