Christian Ministry BA

Trevecca’s Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry is offered in two ways:

  1. As an accelerated adult studies online program, and
  2. An adult degree-completion program designed to meet the specific needs of Salvation Army Southern Territory personnel.

Christian Ministry Online (CMO) is a totally online program providing adult students the opportunity to complete a college degree in a schedule and format particularly designed to meet their unique needs. The curriculum’s major emphasis is to prepare persons for various areas of Christian service. The program is for those students who have at least 40 semester hours of college credit.

Please call (615) 248-1529 or (844) TNU-GRAD for further information or access the website:

The Christian Ministry Program (CMP) is a cooperative degree-completion program conducted for and with the Salvation Army Southern Territory. This program seeks to encourage life-long learning by providing the Southern Territory with educational support for its officers, soldiers, employees, and volunteers. Enrollment in the Christian Ministry Program is exclusively for Salvation Army personnel.

Please call (615) 248-7766 for further information or access the website:

The major emphasis of the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry’s curriculum is to prepare persons for various areas of Christian service by developing:

  • a holistic mindset,
  • a missional vision,
  • servant-leadership skills, and
  • ministry competence.

Special attention is given to helping individuals adapt their study to their personal calling and where it fits into the world where ministry takes place. Faculty members are well-equipped and eager to help develop strong competencies for ministry success and for making positive contribution in their profession and to society. Course content is focused on practical application to the everyday life and occupation of the student. The program assumes that adult students possess experience and skills which may earn academic credit.

The Student Learning Outcomes for the Christian Ministry degree are to enable the student to:

  1. Construct a personal philosophy for ministry that is consistent with Scripture and recognized leadership principles;
  2. Apply practical principles and strategies for effective ministry;
  3. Value the need for theological reflection as an aspect of ministry;
  4. Recognize pastoral care that effectively ministers to the body of Christ;
  5. Construct culturally relevant worship as a celebration of faith;
  6. Interpret the disciplines of the Christian faith for personal and ministerial growth;
  7. Define the meaning and significance of Biblical authority for theological reflection and Christian practice; and
  8. Identify and frame key elements of intellectual thought for ministry.

Admission to the academic program in Christian Ministry requires completing an application and meeting specific admission requirements described in the program catalog supplement.

Completion of the degree requires (1) 120 semester hours of credit, including 30 hours of required general education course work and a 30-hour major in Christian Ministry, and (2) a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale in total work attempted while registered in the program. No program course grade below C- (1.7) will count toward the major.