Social Work Program*

Social Work Competencies (Student Learning Outcomes)

Graduates with a major in social work will be prepared for beginning generalist social work practice and graduate work. Upon graduation, a social work major is expected to achieve nine (9) competencies. These competencies are based upon the professional core competencies from the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) 2015 Educational Policies and Accreditation Standards (EPAS). These competencies are also based on knowledge that incorporates the uniqueness of geographical, regional, and institutional needs, as well as the uniqueness of Trevecca Nazarene University as a Christian university.

  1. Students will demonstrate ethical and professional behavior.
  2. Students will engage in diversity and difference in practice.
  3. Students will advance human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice.
  4. Students will engage in practice-informed research and research-informed practice.
  5. Students will engage in policy practice.
  6. Students will engage with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.
  7. Students will assess individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.
  8. Students will intervene with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.
  9. Students will evaluate practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.

Admission Requirements

Requirements for formal admission to the social work program are as follows:

  1. Identified potential and suitability for the social work profession as determined by the social work faculty. Indicators for suitability are academic performance including consistent class attendance and meeting deadlines, relationship skills including the ability to non-judgmentally relate to people with problems (ability to relate well to faculty and other students is taken into consideration for this), emotional stability by not allowing their own personal problems, psychosocial distress, legal problems, substance abuse, or mental health difficulties to interfere with their professional judgment and performance or to jeopardize the best interests of people for whom they have a professional responsibility (NASW Code 4.0.5a), and including the ability to progress toward the growth necessary for self-awareness for social work practice, and values consistent with the standards of the Social Work Program and the University.
  2. Successful completion of 30 semester hours including SWK 1200, PSY 2175, SWK 2300, SOC 2010, PSY 2010, ENG 1080 (each with a C- or better). If a student has not completed all courses at the time of application, he or she can still apply, and then full admission will be considered upon completion of the courses.
  3. A minimum overall GPA of 2.2.
  4. Agreement to abide by the Social Work Program policies as described in the social work student handbook and the NASW Code of Ethics.
  5. Interview by a minimum of two social work faculty.
  6. Be in “good standing” with the University as determined by the student development office.

Transfer Credits

Students who wish to transfer credits from other social work programs must meet the following criteria:

  1. Transfer credits from a CSWE accredited program or, if from an unaccredited program, that student will be asked to present comprehensive course syllabi to his/her social work academic advisor. The advisor will initially determine if the course meets the criteria for a required course in Trevecca’s program based on whether it addresses the same competencies and practice behaviors. Senior Field Practicum and Senior Seminar credits are not allowed to be transferred into the Trevecca Program.  Senior Field Practicum and Senior Seminar must both be taken at Trevecca through the Social Work Program.  The student then completes the necessary substitution forms and brings those forms to the Program Director to be reviewed and signed before the student either takes them personally to Academic Records or they are sent by campus mail to Academic Records.  It is ultimately the student’s responsibility to complete the process to petition for acceptance of credit for previous courses taken.
  2. Have the approval of the Social Work Program Director.
  3. Meet the transfer admission requirements of Trevecca.

Life Experience or Previous Work Experience

The program does not grant credit for social work courses for either life experience or previous work experience.

Procedures for Filing Application

To begin the formal admission process, the student obtains and completes an application obtained from the Social Work Program director’s office or the Program Handbook. The form is completed in consultation with the faculty advisor, and an application for admission is submitted to the program director’s office.

The application is to be completed when a student pre-registers during fall semester for SWK 2200 Working with Individuals, and all materials are due to the Social Work Program director’s office by the end of the fall semester.

Interviews with the Social Work Program faculty will be scheduled during the semester of SWK 2200, and the student will be notified of the results prior to the pre-registration period.

Specific requirements and procedures including due process are described in the social work program student handbook which is available from the program office.

Conditional Acceptance

When the student comes for their interview they will sit down in one of the Social Work Program faculty offices or the conference room to talk about their desire to be a social work major, their strengths, areas they might need to develop further, areas of interest in social work, and future goals. Immediate feedback is given to the student concerning any areas needing improvement and some suggestions for doing so. If a student is determined to have fallen below any of the criteria established for granting final acceptance into the program, a contingency plan will be established with the student. The plan can include:

  1. Completing additional coursework if the GPA is too low.
  2. Completing counseling to resolve personal issues that are interfering with the ability to effectively communicate and relate interpersonally with others.
  3. Additional items based on student’s needs.
  4. Completing required courses for admission.

After the interview, the Program Director and the Field Director will meet together to discuss the interview, review the admission materials, discuss observations and recommendations, and make a decision regarding admission. Students will then be informed in writing, through campus mail or U.S. mail, of one of the following:

  1. Full admission to the BSSW major
  2. Provisional admission with the specific conditions identified in the letter to the student. Progress will be reviewed by the Program Director each semester until full admission is achieved.  Students cannot be admitted to pursue Senior Field Practicum until full admission is achieved.
  3. Denial of admission with specific reason identified in a letter to the student as per BSSW academic admission criteria.

If students are not satisfied with the decision, they may appeal the decision by first setting up a meeting with the BSSW Director either by email, phone, campus mail, or U.S. mail within two weeks of receipt of notification of their denial.  A time to meet with the Program Director will be decided upon, preferably within two weeks. The reason for the appeal must be specified clearly in a typewritten letter submitted by email, campus mail, U.S. mail, or given to the Program Director in person at the meeting.  The Program Director will make a decision and submit the decision to the student within two weeks after their meeting.  After meeting with the Program Director and receiving notification of the Program Director’s decision, if the student is not satisfied, then the student can appeal within two weeks of receiving the Program Director’s decision, in writing by email or by hard copy sent through campus mail or U.S. mail to the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, stating clearly their reasons for the appeal.  The Dean must respond within two weeks of their meeting and the Dean’s decision is final.

Continuance in the social work program is not guaranteed. The student must maintain an acceptable level of performance according to community, academic, and professional social work standards. Reviews of student performance are held prior to Senior Field Practicum and prior to graduation, or other times as required by circumstances. Probationary status or dismissal may be assigned to a student not meeting program criteria.


*The Social Work Program at Trevecca Nazarene University is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).