President's Cabinet

DAN BOONE, BA, MDiv, DMin, President of the University, 2005-

STEPHEN M. PUSEY, BA, MA, PhD, University Provost and Senior Vice President, 1992-

DAVID CALDWELL BA, MBA, CPA, Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration, 2010-

PEGGY J. COONING, BS, Vice President for External Relations, 2007-

TIMOTHY W. EADES, BA, MMin, EdD, Associate Provost and Vice President for Graduate and Continuing Studies, 2014-

THOMAS L. MIDDENDORF, BS, MA, EdD, Associate Provost and Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, 2008-

HOLLY WHITBY, BS, MBA, MS, Associate Provost and Dean of Enrollment Management, 2011-12; 2014-

President's Office

ANNE TWINING, BA, Assistant to the President, 2005-

Academic Affairs

JAMES T. HIATT, BS, JD, MBA, Associate Vice President for Academic Programs, 1983-

JONATHAN BARTLING, BA, MS, PhD, Associate Vice President for Academic Services and Accreditation, 2017-

DONNA TUDOR, BS, MBA, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, 1992-

RUTH T. KINNERSLEY, BA, MSLIS, MAE, EdD, Director, Library Services, 2000-

KATRINA CHAPMAN, BA, MA, Registrar, 2016-

GREG DAWSON, BS, MS, Director of Security and Emergency Management, 2004-

EUGENIA HARRIS, BA, MLAS, EdD, Director of Academic Data Management, 2013-

JUDY HIATT, Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs, 1986-89; 2014-

Center for Innovative Instruction

LAMETRIUS DANIELS, BS, MS, Director of Online Learning, 2014-

DREW CLAUSING, BA, MA, Senior Instructional Designer, 2015-

KANDACE CROWLEY, BSB, MBA, Instructional Designer, 2015-

MARA HOGAN, BA, MS, Online Learning Specialist, 2016-

BRAD MILLS, BS, MS, Assistant Director of Online Learning, 2015-

JESSICA SIMPSON, BS, MS, Instructional Designer, 2015-

MAIA ZAYKOVA, BS, Online Support Specialist, 2018-

Counseling Services

SARA M. HOPKINS, BA, MMFT, PhD, Director of Counseling Services, 2011-

JENNIFER WYATT NEELY, BS, MA, Coordinator of Vocational and Counseling Engagement, 2000-

School of Graduate and Continuing Studies

RICKY CHRISTMAN, BRE, MA, MA, EdD, Associate Vice President and Dean for the School of Graduate and Continuing Studies, 2017-

JOANNA BAKER, BS, Online Enrollment Counselor, 2015-

KRISTIN BLEDSOE, BS, MEd, EdD, Associate Director, Online EdD, 2013-

LEWIS BRIDGES, BA, MA, MEd, EdD, Military Liaison, 2012-

CHRISTEN BUGARIN, BA, Graduate Enrollment Counselor, 2015-

EDA CAKO-MOORE, BS, Faculty Recruiter, 2014-

PAMELA COSTA, BS, MA, Administration Manager, 2002-

MARK CRIST, BBA, Online Enrollment Counselor, 2015-

AMANDA DODSON, BA, MSSEP, Retention Specialist, 2015-

KIMBERLY EADES, BA, MA, EdD Enrollment Counselor, 2015-

HARPER FIELDS, BS, Financial Services Counselor, 2017-

CHRIS GARNER, BS, MBA, Student Success Advisor, 2016-

TERESA GEUY, BS, Director of Admissions, 2012-

DAVID GRANDA, BS, MA, Student Success Advisor, 2017-

ROSS HAMILTON, BS, MA, Student Success Advisor, 2017-

CATHY HENDON, BS, MAE, EdD, Program Director of Management and Leadership Program, 2017-

RHYANNE D. HENLEY, BA, MBA, EdD Enrollment Counselor, 2015-

TIM JACKSON, BA, MS, Director of Registration, 2010-

SARAH JOHNSON, BA, MA, Volunteer State Community College Enrollment Counselor, 2017-

CHELSEE JONES, BA, MOL, Student Success Advisor, 2017-

JENNIFER KINGERY, BS, Registration Assistant, 2017-

MARCUS LACKEY, BA, MBA, Director of Financial Services and Operations, 2001-

KATIE LEIBAS, BS, Online Enrollment Counselor, 2015-

JENNIFER LLOYD, BA, MS, Director of Student Success and Advising, 2017-

KRYSTIN LOCHBAUM, BS, Academic Support Specialist, 2017-

RYAN LONGNECKER, BA, MAT, EdD, Program Director, EdD Online, 2017-

JOSIAH MAGEE, BS, Financial Services Counselor, 2018-

STEVEN MAGEE, BA, MHRD, Transcript Analyst, 2011-

JOCELYN McCOY, BA, MOL, Sr. Outreach Recruiter, 2012-

VIRGINIA McMATH, BS, MBA, EdD, Student Success Advisor, 2016-

ETHAN MILLSAP, BA, Assistant Director of Financial Services, 2015-

PAMELA MONJAR, BA, Student Success Advisor, 2016-

RACHEL NEAL, BA, Motlow State Community College Enrollment Counselor, 2016-

JEFFERY NORFLEET II, BS, MEd, EdD, Associate Dean of Academic Services, 2013-

KAITLIN O'DONNELL, BA, Assistant Director of Admissions, 2015-

SHELBY OGLESBY, BBA, Online Enrollment Counselor, 2016-

ALICE PATTERSON, BS, MEd, EdD, EdD Program Director, EdD Face-to-Face, 1998-

SHAIE PORTERFIELD, BBA, Graduate Enrollment Counselor, 2017-

GAIL PUSEY, BS, MAT, Christian Ministry Program Director, 2005-

GIANNA RICHARDSON, BA, Curriculum Coordinator, 2017—

AMMEA ROBINSON, BA, MBA, Atlanta Campus Enrollment Counselor, 2018-

ANDREA ROBINSON, BS, Online Enrollment Counselor, 2015-

KAILEE RUSSELL, BBA, Student Success Advisor, 2017-

AMY SHELTON, BS, MA, Main Campus Enrollment Counselor, 2018-

KAYLA SMITH, BS, Assistant Director of SGCS Enrollment, 2015-

SHAWN THOMAS, BS, MBA, PhD, Regional Dean of Georgia, 2018-

MARLENA TREES, BS, Admissions Specialist, 2018-

AUSTIN VAN RYN, BA, Admissions Specialist, 2017-

JOHNNA VANOVER, BBA, MOL, Associate Vice President of Enrollment, 2015-

HEIDI VENTURA, BM, MBA, PhD, Associate Dean of Innovation and Integration, 2015-

MOLLY VINSON, BBA, Marketing Manager, 2017-

JOHNATHAN WILLIAMS, BS, Atlanta Enrollment Counselor, 2017-

KIMBERLY WILSON, BS, Online Enrollment Counselor, 2016-

ANITA WINDUS, BA, Online Enrollment Counselor, 2016-

AMI WORKMAN, BA, MEd, Graduate Education Enrollment Counselor, 2017-

Student Development

JESSICA DYKES, BA, MOL, Associate Vice President and Dean of Student Development, 2018-

MICHELLE GAERTNER, BA, MA, Associate Dean of Student Success and Coordinator of Disability Services, 1999-2004; 2014-

SHAWNA SONGER GAINES, BA, MDiv, University Chaplain, 2016-

RONDA J. LILIENTHAL, BA, MEd, Associate Dean of Students for Residential Life, 1988-

MATTHEW SPRAKER, BS, MA, Associate Dean of Students for Community Life, 2006-

DONNA-JEANNE GRAY, BA, MA, EdD, Director of Academic Services, 1988-

REBECCA HEADRICK, BA, Coordinator of Testing and Administration Manager, 2000-

MEGAN MCGHEE, BA, MEd, Coordinator of First Year Programs, 2012-

JOSHUA RIO-ROSS, BS, BA, MA, MAR, Director of Developmental Math, 2017-

JEFF SWINK, BS, MEd, Coordinator of Assessment and Retention, 2003-

BRODRICK THOMAS, BA, MBA, MOL, Director of Community Engagement and Reconciliation, 2015-

SCHUY WEISHAAR, BA, MTS, PhD, Instructor of English, 2015-

Intercollegiate Athletics

MARK ELLIOT, BS, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, 2011-

JOHN NYADARO, BSW, MBA, Director of Athletic Compliance, 2017-

JAYME CROWLEY, BA, MA, EdD, Assistant Director of Athletics and Senior Woman Administrator and Volleyball Coach, 2008-

OMAR MANCE, BA, Men's Basketball Coach, 2018-

CHAD HIBDON, BS, MEd, Women's Basketball Coach, 2016-

DANNY LEAVY, BA, MEd, Men's Soccer Coach, 2009-

KELSEY FENIX, BS, Women’s Soccer Coach, 2017-

RYAN SCHMALZ, BS, MA, Baseball Coach, 2012-

BEN TYREE, BBA, Softball Coach, 2008-

DAVID HEAD, BA, Director of Golf, 2014-

AUSTIN SELBY, BA, MAT, Cross Country and Track Coach, 2013-

GREG RUFF, BS, MOL, Sports Information Director, 1998-

GREG RUNYAN, BS, CMA, CFM, CPA, MBA, Faculty Athletic Representative, 1987-

TUESDAY HUNT, BS, MBA, Athletic Trainer, 2018-

NICOLE BURNETT, Assistant Athletic Trainer, 2016-

AUSTIN KRAUSE, Assistant Athletic Trainer, 2016-

Financial Services

GLEN LINTHICUM, BS, MSM, Director of Plant Operations, 2004-

STEVE SEXTON, BS, Director of Human Resources, 2010-

CHARLES W. SEAMAN, BA, MBA, Director of Financial Services, 1998-

MARIANO MONZU, BS, MS, Controller, 2012-

EDDIE WHITE, BA, MPA, Director of Financial Aid, 1989-

KYLIE PRUITT, BS, MBA, Director of Student Financial Services, 2011-

Information Technology Services

JOHN EBERLE, AS, BS, Chief Information Officer, 2012-

MIRANDA JONES, Systems Administrator, 2016-

DAVID KLIMKOWSKI, Audio Visual Media Specialist, 2006-

JEREMY QUICK, BBA, Systems Analyst, 2014-

ELIZABETH RAY, AS, Senior Systems Analyst, 2007-

ERIC SMITH, BA, MBA, Audio Visual Services Manager, 2013-

WAKENDRA STENSON, BS, MSIT, MSIS, Systems Analyst, 2015-

JEFF TEDFORD, BS, Senior Network Administrator, 2012-

JOE WALKER, BS, MSM, IT Project Coordinator, 1998-


MELINDA MILLER, BA, MBA, Executive Director of Traditional Undergraduate Admissions, 2010-

PATTY COOK, BS, MA, Director of Enrollment Systems, 1980-

RANDY KINDER, BS, BS, MA, Director of New Student Financial Aid and Director of PR Music Groups, 2012-

JARED AUSTIN, BS, MS, Assistant Director of Admissions, 2008-

STEPHEN DEESE, BA, Admissions Counselor, 2017-

CASEY HILLON, BS, New Student Financial Aid Counselor, 2015-

JOEY HUTTON, BA, Admissions Counselor, 2016-

EASEL KIM, BBA, Enrollment Systems Specialist, 2017-

HAILEY PERRY, BS, Office Manager and Hospitality Coordinator, 2017-

MARIA PETTY, BS, Admissions Counselor, 2017-

KELSEY RAY, BS, Admissions Counselor, 2017-

SARAH THOMPSON, BA, Admissions Events & Special Teams Coordinator, 2017-

ERIN TILLSON, BA, MMFT, Enrollment Systems Assistant, 2012-

IAN TURNBELL, BS, MBA, Admissions Counselor, 2017-

External Relations

JAMIE ASCHER, BS, Lead Graphic Designer, 2015-

MANDY CROW, BJ, MTS, Manager of Communications and Media Relations, 2015-

REBECCA FARLEY, BS, External Relations Coordinator, 2017-

TODD GARY, BS, PhD, Associate Vice President for Research and Community Development, 2017-

CHRISTY GRANT, BS, MOL, Director of Development Operations and Stewardship Resources, 2012-

DONALD HASTINGS, BS, Senior Stewardship Officer, 2016-

LISA HATHCOCK, BS, Advancement Service Coordinator, 2011-

STEPHENS HILAND, BS, Digital Graphic Designer, 2016-

RICHARD HILL, Graphic Designer, 1999-

MICHAEL JOHNSON, BS, MEd, Director of Alumni and Church Engagement, 1985-92, 1997-

MARLEE JOSEPH, BA, Director of Digital Marketing, 2018-

NICHOLAS KERHOULAS, BS, Graphic Designer, 2018-

FINLEY KNOWLES, BA, MS, Associate Director for Alumni and Church Engagement, 2016-

ANDY LOVELL, Digital Publicist, 2014-

JANICE LOVELL, BS, MEd, Director of Grants and Foundation Relations, 2014-

JENNY SOWERS, BS, Marketing Project Manager, 2017-

MATT TOY, BS, MEd, Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communication, 2012-

LEASA WILLIAMS, BA, Director of Special Events and Conferences, 2012-

JONATHAN WRIGHT, BS, Multimedia Designer, 2015-