CIT 4450 Advanced Web Design and Development

Advanced Web Development builds upon previous Web courses by introducing key back-end development technologies for server-side development. With its holistic study of core language investigation, to direct practical application, students will learn to effectively implement server-side scripting to leverage the power of web servers and database architecture strategies. Students will gain experience with database integration to fully bring to life front-end frameworks through the development and implementation of content management system project which will connect front-end user interfaces to backend data sources. Students will learn the PHP language and practices through the building of Content Management Systems for Web applications. This PHP/MySQL course is designed to supply students with a practical approach to Web Development. Students will learn the core language and implementation of PHP/MySQL scripting. The specific objective of this advanced-level course is to enable students to use a programming language to augment a scripting language to provide robust web-based, database driven business solutions. Students will use a LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) virtual machine in a hands-on environment.




CIT 2170 and CIT 2180, or permission of instructor