Books and Materials

All students attending non-traditional programs are required to have the correct textbooks as part of their Trevecca program.* Books are highly recommended to be purchased from the Tree of Life Bookstore through the Textbook Butler service. This service prevents the inadvertent purchase of a wrong edition and also saves time and money shopping around buying books from several sources.

With the Textbook Butler service: 

  • Students are automatically enrolled upon registration. No extra work needs to be done.
  • The default preference for students' books is rental used in order to save the most money. Students have the option to set their preference to used, new, rental, or purchase books. Some books are consumable and will be available as new only. The precise books students need are delivered to their doorstep. 
  • Books are shipped one to three weeks prior to the class start date so students will have them in plenty of time. Therefore, if a student has an address change or needs to withdraw from the course, the student must notify their advisor at least 21 days before the class is scheduled to begin. If a student fails to notify their advisor about an address change and books are then sent to an old address, the student will be responsible for the cost of the books if they are not retrievable, as well as the cost of new books should a new order have to be created.
  • The cost of textbooks is charged at the time of shipment. If a student qualifies for financial aid (grants or student loans), charges applied to the student account before the disbursement of financial aid may be covered by that financial aid. Any charges that are applied to the account after the disbursement of financial aid will need to be paid for by either using refunded excess financial aid or making out-of-pocket payment.

Tree of Life's Textbook Butler service is highly recommended, but optional. Students can opt out of the service by talking to their advisor and filling out the appropriate paperwork.

*Exception: Students in the Graduate Counseling, Christian Ministry Program - Salvation Army, EdD, and PA Programs should consult program administrators for specific details regarding books and materials.