Student Complaint Policy

A formal student complaint is a written and signed complaint initiated by a student (or a family member on behalf of a student and confirmed by the student). It is a non-trivial, non-routine complaint, related to either academic or non-academic policies or procedures. To the extent possible, complainants should seek a resolution of all matters through the University’s appeals and/or grievance procedures before filing a formal student complaint with the University. The matter should be brought to the attention of the campus office directly responsible for that area of the University, and should be well-documented and move through the appropriate campus supervisory structure.

Petitions for waiver of University regulations, University disciplinary actions, and grade appeals are not considered formal student complaints. Information on how to petition for exceptions to University academic regulations and the grade appeal policy are detailed in the “Academic Policies” sections of the University Catalog, Adult Studies Catalog, and Graduate Catalog. Information on the judicial process is provided in the Student Handbook.

In addition, requests appealing decisions regarding acceptance into or dismissal from academic programs with established criteria (e.g. Teacher Education, Physician Assistant, etc) are not considered formal student complaints. Students should follow due process as outlined in the school, departmental, and program handbooks.

If a student has followed the appropriate appeals or grievance procedures and has broad concerns that move beyond the desire to appeal an unwelcome decision, he/she may file a formal student complaint. More specific information and procedures for filing a formal student complaint can be assessed on the bottom of the University’s website under the “consumer disclosures” link (