From the University President

We all live with rules and boundaries. Since the beginning, it has been so. Our creation story tells us that God created humans and placed them in the garden with specific instructions. They were to tend and care for the place where they would live. A “NO TRESPASSING” sign stood in front of the tree at the center of the garden. It was a boundary of respect between God and humans. God’s intent was to create a respectful community where dignity and beauty were obvious. Adam and Eve violated the boundaries and destroyed the community. The rest is history. But there is good news. God is at work in Jesus to restore what was destroyed by the rule-breaking boundary-violating behavior of his first creatures.

We would like to think that Trevecca is a place where God is at work repairing and restoring a community. We have rules by which we agree to live. The purpose of these rules is to live together in peace under the blessing of God. Rules challenge our self-will and self-sovereignty. Boundaries ask us to know where we end and another begins. In other words, rules remind us that it is not “all about me.” It is about great relationships between us that reflect God’s design.

However, participation in the Trevecca community is much more than rule-keeping. On the Trevecca web site you will find a calendar of campus events. I will be there for most of these. I hope you will too. Let’s enjoy life together. Let’s work hard and play hard. Let’s make Trevecca the kind of place that lives under the smile of God.


Dan Boone