Withdrawal from Classes

Any student who has received federal financial aid and is considering withdrawing from all classes should review the Federal Return of Title IV Funds policy at www.trevecca.edu/about/consumer-information-disclosures.

Any student wishing to withdraw should contact their Student Success Advisor.

Students utilizing financial aid that drop a course may be eligible to complete a Notice of Intent (NOI) if they plan to return within the same semester and within 45 calendar days. A NOI is not an option in all circumstances and students should contact SGCS Financial Services about their specific situation. Approved NOI’s allow the student to remain eligible for financial aid for the current semester without having to complete a Return to Title IV calculation for financial aid. If the NOI is not received within 4 calendar days the student will be dropped from the remainder of the semester and a return of funds calculation will be performed. Students may complete the NOI request at https://www.trevecca.edu/landing-page/notice-of-intent.