University Academic Calendar 2021-2022**

Faculty/Administrator Workshops

August 18-24

President's Event

August 19

Beginning of Fall Semester

August 31*

Graduation Application Deadline- December 2021 Graduates

October 31

Fall Board of Trustees Meeting

November 4-6


November 5-6

End of Fall Semester

December 16

Graduation Application Deadline- May/August 2022 Graduates

December 31

Beginning of Spring Semester

January 12

Spring Board of Trustees Meeting

March 17-19

Top Nazarene Talent (TNT) at TNU

March 31 - April 3

End of Spring Semester

May 4


May 6


May 7

Beginning of Summer Semester

May 9*

End of Summer Semester

August 15*

*Starting and ending dates for classes in undergraduate and all graduate programs vary within the framework of each semester. Dates for adult studies and graduate programs are published on the program websites and are available from the School of Graduate and Continuing Studies.

Other Important Dates for Traditional Undergraduate Program 2021-2022



Summer New Student Orientation - Encounter

June 18-19 

Student Teacher Orientation

July 30

New Student Orientation

August 26-29

Returning Student Registration

August 30

Classes Begin

August 31

Last Day to Register and Add Classes

September 7

Fall Break

October 11-12 

Class Advising for Spring Semester

October 18-29

Last Day to Drop a Class with a "W"

November 4

Student Teacher Orientation

December 8

Final Exams-Fall Semester

December 14-16



New Student Orientation/Registration

January 11

Returning Student Registration

January 11

Classes Begin

January 12

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 17

Last Day to Register and Add Classes

January 19

Spring Break

March 7-11

Class Advising for Summer and Fall Semesters

March 14-25

Last Day to Drop a Class with a "W"

March 16

Easter Break

April 15-18

Final Exams-Spring Semester

May 2-4



Summer 2022 Full Session 

May 9 - August 15 

Online Summer Session I

May 16-June 26

Online Summer Session II

June 6-July 17

Online Summer Session III

June 27-August 7


Summer 2022 New Student Orientation - Encounter

June 17-18

** Calendar Subject to Change