Methods of Payment

The registration of a student signifies an agreement by the student and his or her parents to fulfill the related financial obligations for that semester and to comply with the payment policies established by the University and reflected in this Catalog. The University expects that every student will care for his or her account and believes that responsibility for handling the student account is part of the educational experience.

Expenses Are Due and Payable as Follows:

All expenses for the semester, after subtraction of financial aid awards, are due and payable before the beginning of classes for that semester.

Trevecca has established an agreement with TouchNet to administer our tuition payment plan. An interest free payment plan is available to enable students to more easily budget and afford their educational expenses. Students who are not prepared to pay their semester charges in full at the time of registration should contact the Office of Student Financial Services for information regarding the TouchNet tuition payment plan.

A one and one-half percent (1.5%) late fee will be added at the end of each month to any unpaid balance which is at least thirty (30) days old. Each semester must be paid in full before registering for a new semester. Any student who has become delinquent through failure to make payment or proper financial arrangements will be subject to disenrollment until such matters are satisfactorily resolved with the Office of Student Financial Services. Should a student fail to pay his or her account in full or make acceptable payment arrangements with the Financial Services Office, the account may be referred to an outside collection agency. If this becomes necessary, the student will be responsible for all costs of collection including reasonable attorney fees if applicable.

No degrees or certificates will be awarded and no transcript of credits will be issued until all financial obligations to the University are discharged in full. For immediate release, payment must be in the form of cash, credit card, money order, or cashier’s check. Payment by personal check will necessitate a delay of ten working days before transcripts or diplomas will be released. The University reserves the right to make financial changes for any and all charges between times of publication of any catalogs or student handbooks.

Refund Policy

For students withdrawing from all classes or dropping a course, the following refund policy applies to tuition, fees, the meal plan, and housing. All refund periods are based on the actual weeks of classes. (Dates and prorating percentages for Summer are printed with the Summer schedule.)

After the first full week of classes, there will be no refund of student fees or course fees.

Within the first week of classes* — 100% refund of tuition, fees, meals, housing

Within the second week of classes — 75% refund of tuition, meals, housing

Within the third and fourth week of classes — 50% refund of tuition, meals, housing

*The week begins with the first day of classes and ends seven days thereafter. For instance, if classes begin on Wednesday, 100% drop period will expire the following Tuesday evening.

After fourth week — no refund

No refund will be considered past the fourth week of classes in any semester.

When sufficient space is available, a non-enrolled student may remain in University housing for one additional semester. Approval must be granted by the Center for Student Development and completed by making satisfactory financial arrangements with the Office of Student Financial Services. Permission will be contingent upon paying (1) full meal plan, and (2) full room cost. Full payment is due at the beginning of the semester.