Criminal Justice Degree BS Program (CJD)

CJD General Description

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree completion program offers opportunity to study the overall Criminal Justice System in preparation of seeking employment within the Criminal Justice System professions or seeking to secure a promotional opportunity. The curriculum is designed to be practical and relevant to current Criminal Justice System concepts, theories, and issues. Students earning the degree in Criminal Justice will have opportunity to develop a professional perspective regarding the Criminal Justice System and hold potential to bring positive change in their career.

The Criminal Justice degree completion program can be completed in 18 months. The CJD program requires 36 hours (12 courses). Courses are offered in an online format. Classes are designed as collaborative learning experiences where students are engaged in dialogue throughout the week.

Vision Statement

The Criminal Justice Studies Program at Trevecca Nazarene University will mentor and empower students to be successful in their preparation to meet the many challenges in the professions of the criminal justice system.


The bachelor of science degree program in criminal justice exists to provide working adult students the opportunity to complete a college degree in a schedule and format particularly designed to meet their unique needs. The curriculum is social science and liberal arts in nature, with the major emphasis on criminal justice and criminology. The program integrates a Christian world view and is committed to continual improvement.

Student Learning Outcomes

All CJD graduates will be able to: 

  1. Understand the major teachings of the Scripture from a Christian perspective and how they relate to management and personal relationships.
  2. Understand the central role of Jesus Christ within the historical setting of the Bible.
  3. Articulate a personal value system within the context of career, social and educational experiences.
  4. Demonstrate problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  5. Develop writing skills utilized in research and law enforcement-related careers.
  6. Understand and utilize the process of the scientific method, its consequent research design, and applied research design.
  7. Understand the concept of statistical data and analysis.
  8. Examine the components of law enforcement ethics and values.
  9. Understand the role, development, and organization of the criminal justice system.
  10. Understand the influence of criminological theory on law enforcement and the community.
  11. Demonstrate effective presentation skills.

CJD Core Competencies:

Criminal Justice majors are required to demonstrate mastery of the following core competencies:

  1. Administration of justice including correctional processes, criminological theory, law adjudication, law enforcement, and juvenile justice
  2. Critical thinking and reasoning skills
  3. Professionalism, including legal conduct and behavior, integrity, ethics, interpersonal relationships, problem solving, communications, diversity, fairness, and equality
  4. Research and analytical methods

Program of Study

CJD Core Courses

BML 3150Biblical Perspectives and the Christian Life


CJD 2600Law Enforcement and Society


CJD 3300Theories of Crime and Deviance


CJD 3310Juvenile Delinquency and Law Enforcement


CJD 3410Correctional Systems


CJD 3420Criminal Law: The Defense Side


CJD 3430Criminal Justice System and Criminal Courts


CJD 4200Values and Ethics in Criminal Justice


CJD 4210Criminal Investigations and Contemporary Issues


CJD 4500Applied Data Analysis in Criminal Justice


CJD 4510Fundamentals of Emergency Management


CJD 4520Terrorism


Total Credit Hours:36