Academic Probation and Suspension

To encourage and ensure satisfactory progress toward a degree, the Office of Academic Records and the Center for Student Development and Student Success administer the following system of probation and suspension. As a student advances in class, the minimum academic level increases according to the following scale to assure that the 2.0 minimum grade point average requirement is met for graduation.

Probation Limits by Student Classification


Hours Attempted*

Probation Level

Four-Year Degrees:





less than 1.60



less than 1.80



less than 1.95



less than 2.00

Two-Year Degrees:



First Year


less than 1.80

Second Year


less than 2.00

 * Hours attempted that impact a student's cumulative GPA.

All students’ records will be evaluated at the end of fall and spring semesters. Probation and suspension will be based on the cumulative grade point averages of each of these semesters. Transfer students with grade point averages below minimum standards will be entered on probation.

Probation: designation after a semester in which a student fails to achieve the minimum cumulative GPA for his or her class standing. Students on probation are required to have counseling and class schedule approval by the Associate Dean of Student Success in the Center for Student Development before they are allowed to register and are required to maintain a 2.0 term GPA for courses taken during the semester of probation to avoid suspension the following term. Students may take INT 1150 Engaging Academic Success in the first semester of academic probation. Students who continue for more than one semester on academic probation may continue the class as INT 1155.

One-Semester Suspension: designation after a semester in which a student fails to maintain a 2.0 for the courses taken during a semester of probation.

Two-Semester Suspension: designation the second time a student fails to maintain a 2.0 for courses taken during a semester of probation.

Right to Appeal Academic Suspension

If there were extenuating circumstances (illness or family emergency) during a semester previous to suspension, a student may appeal in writing to the Admissions Committee for waiver of suspension. The extenuating circumstances and their probable solution should be documented in writing by someone such as a doctor, parent, pastor, or appropriate school official. If a waiver is granted, failure to maintain a 2.0 for the term GPA in the semester in which the waiver is granted or any subsequent semester prior to being removed from probation automatically moves the student to the next suspension designation.

No student on academic or social probation will be allowed to fill any major office.** Students must have a 2.5 average to be approved for election to major offices.*** Students serving the University as official representatives in any capacity, such as SGA officers, intercollegiate athletics, and non-academic musical groups, must not be on academic or social probation.


**All SGA members, class and club presidents, business managers of publications.

***If new freshman, student must have an ACT Composite of 19 or above or an SAT total of 990 or above. Freshmen officers cannot be in developmental education.